Still Turning

Last week I talked about the anti-ULEZ movement over in Londonistan.

But wait! There’s more!

Furious locals chased away a Ulez crew – some of whom were driving Sadiq Khan’s mobile ‘spy’ vans used to enforce the scheme. Footage of the incident shows angry locals ejecting the Ulez team from Sunningvale Avenue, in Biggin Hill, southeast London.

Activists opposed to Mr Khan’s flagship policy – which last month expanded to cover the entire city – have already attacked hundreds of static cameras prompting the London Mayor to roll out a fleet of vehicles to catch those flouting the rules.

But these too have become a target, with opponents to the Ulez – who call themselves ‘Blade Runners’ – slashing their tyres, spray painting cameras and smashing windows.

Anti-Ulez activists held a yellow high visibility jacket in front of one of the cameras while locals berated the Ulez workers.

Images show one of the Ulez vehicles with its windows and windscreen smashed, in the latest escalation by activists determined to thwart Mr Khan’s much-hated levy.

Next step for Burgomeister  Khan:  spy vans to see who’s harassing the spy vans?

My reaction:


  1. Does the lead-in pix remind anyone else about how parking meters were dealt with in the opening of “Cool Hand Luke”?

  2. This is what it looks like when the “consent of the governed” is REVOKED.

    Democracy and its institutions are not the sole voice of the governed.

    Much like how on every highway in America, the governed have decided that the speed limit is really something like 75-80.

    1. in Europe the population decided that, resulting in a massive increase in speed traps and thus speeding tickets to the point people were no longer able to afford speeding.

  3. flouting the rules

    Nice to see someone knows the difference between “flouting” and “flaunting”. Very rare nowadays.

  4. The real issue to me is that “consent of the governed” to our political class in the west begins and ends on election day. After that, they have a “mandate”. Now, if you win with a Dukakian land slide defeat, maybe…maybe you have a mandate. But no politician in the societies of the west today has any such mandate. Liberals capitalize on this every single chance they get. Conservatives…well, since so few of them qualify as vertebrates, only seem to use their “mandate” to maintain the status quo.

    These people are simply reminding their mayor that he needs to listen to the people for more than just the 60 days prior to election day. To the extent that he and the rest of his ilk on either side of the pond just don’t get this is the reason faith in our governments is all but a distant memory.

  5. how do these things react to being struck with a 40grain .22 caliber bullet or perhaps the better question is how do they react to a .177 caliber pellet since those tend to be more quiet?


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