So Much For Carbon Dioxide, Then

Over at American Thinker, Guy Mitchell concludes that the whole CO2 scare is a load of old bollocks.  Details here, but a succinct summary says, starting with the premise:

The basic premise in the man-made global warming hypothesis is that CO2 molecules in the lower troposphere, emitted by the burning of fossil fuels on Earth, absorb the LWIR photons emitted as the Earth cools. The CO2 molecules “trap” the heat energy in the photon, which causes the troposphere to warm. Then the CO2 molecule reradiates an LWIR photon of the same wavelength it absorbed back to the Earth’s surface, which warms the Earth’s surface. The more CO2 molecules that are emitted into the troposphere by burning fossil fuels, the more heat is trapped and reradiated back to the Earth’s surface, increasing atmospheric and surface warming in a never-ending cycle.

Conclusion (after a whole bunch of actual, you know, data and science and stuff, emphasis added):

Scientific analysis using publicly available data demonstrates that an LWIR photon emitted by a CO2 molecule in the Earth’s lower troposphere does not penetrate the oceans’ surface to a depth greater than 100 μm, thereby having no effect on the ocean’s temperature. The ARGO Float Program temperature measurements of the world’s oceans confirm those scientific analyses.


Therefore, if the first principles of science and observational data on the ocean’s temperature indicates that CO2 emissions cannot heat the world’s oceans, why does the U.N. IPCC continue to promote the global warming hypothesis? The legal definition of fraud is intent to deceive.

Yeah, we all knew that.


  1. Temperature is one way of measuring the amount of heat energy in a system. The more heat energy, the higher the temperature. When a hot object on the surface of the earth emits an infrared photon, it should take 0.0003 seconds to reach the Karman Line one hundred kilometres up, which is the edge of space. Instead because of the billions of interactions with GHG molecules (water vapor and it’s baby cousin CO2) it takes far longer — even the climate boffins disagree on the math. But the effect is to delay the escape of that infrared photon, and increase its residence time in the system. It’s the same as putting on a sweater. After reaching equilibrium, heat escapes from the human/clothing system at exactly the same rate as it did before. That’s all it is. And that’s one reason for most climate scientists on the alarmist side thinking that our side is all ignoramuses. Ninety-nine point something per cent of skeptics are not even aware of the basic science. Most of us are right for the wrong reasons.

  2. I really am amused (sarcasm) at the latest scam to fight global warming.

    Paper instead of plastic at the grocery store.

    – years ago paper bags went away cuz they were evil. Now they are back. 10 to 25 cents a piece at the store. Not free.

    – bring your own bag which may or may not be clean and put your food in it. Gross. People putting disgusting used bags on the counter and their food in them.

    – plastic is evil. Even though many other things (like all the cars today and cell phones and even many guns) are plastic, we can not have plastic bags.

    Paper bags work so well in the rain and snow.

    I went to the dollar store (well dollar 25 store thanks to Joe and the Hoe) and they had no plastic bags.

    The liberals just want control.
    And global warming and climate change and omg the weather is different is one way to achieve control

    By the way how are electric cars working out in those floods in NYC New York City?

    1. I remember the big push to switch from paper to plastic. At the time, there was a paper mill nearby, the stench of which you could smell from miles away. The powers that be circulated info on how much water and energy it took to make a single paper bag, versus the very small amount of oil and clean processing to make a plastic bag. We were “saving the planet” switching paper to plastic, and anyone smelling that old paper mill could easily agree.

      Now? Plastic back to paper? Yeah, right.

  3. They banned the plastic shopping bags around here several years ago. More than one person has complained that they now buy heavier plastic bags in the trash bag section to line their trash cans, take wet stuff out to the garbage can etc. It has nothing to do with the environment at all. The Environmental watermelons are just pushing in an area to see where and how much they can push.

    Someone online made a great observation. They go to the deli to get sandwich meat. It’s wrapped in a plastic bag. Same thing for sliced cheese from the deli. The coleslaw, potato salad or other side dish is put into a plastic container. They go to the bread aisle and buy a loaf of bread that is in a plastic bag. A jar of mustard is added to the shopping cart and that is also in a plastic container. Now at the check out line they are denied a plastic bag to carry it all home.


  4. One of leftist’s goals is to destroy your ability to think by forcing you to recite bullcrap all day.

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