Turns that occasionally-funny Brit comedian Russell Brand has been a Naughty Boy:  shagging women all over the place, molesting women on set, hosting orgies, groping strange women… all the stuff that makes Teh Wimmynz angry.

Golly, if only there had been some kind of clue,,,

I remember him being interviewed by two stern TV female journos on, I think, Faux News.  As much as they tried to shame him, or make him look like a fool, he just overpowered them with wit and savage mockery.

At the end of the interview both women gave identical statements:

Then there’s this tragic tale… try not to giggle.

Women just love a Bad Boy, and our Russ is now being pilloried for actually being one.


  1. It isn’t that difficult to explain the hypocrisy.

    Bad boy I can have = panties the drowning of toddlers thereof.
    Bad boy I can’t have = Evil misogynist.

  2. the interesting thing about that Lauren Harries is that ‘she’ started off as a precocious little shite (called James) on UK telly in the 80s; doing Antiques, appearing on After Dark, and generally being the archetypal nerd.

    He then transitioned into a female and went a bit bonkers.

    There was a documentary a few years back in the UK. Watching it, you feel sorry for him

    to quote
    Allen’s documentary showed that the Harries family was not all they seemed; The counsellor who looked after Lauren during her sex change operation was called Lesley Stewart, which turns out to be the “business name” of Kaye Harries, Lauren’s own mother. Plus it turns out that all their qualifications, doctorates in metaphysics and counselling degrees, were issued by the Cardiff College of Humanistic Studies which is located at Tudor Cottage, their own house. They’ve certified themselves

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