Out Of Left Field

Here’s a little “ethnic festival” news that should surprise absolutely nobody:

An Eritrean culture festival in Stuttgart descended into violent chaos over the weekend as opposing mobs attacked each other and police with stones, bottles, and wooden planks.

The clashes broke out between Eritrean government supporters and opponents as some 200 protesters gathered outside the festival in the southwestern German city.

Of course, nobody in Krautland could have foreseen any of this happening because it’s all part of the Great Assimilation project, as envisioned by CommiePres Angela Merkel.

Who even knew that there were that many Eritreans in Stuttgart to start off with?


  1. Nobody knows how many Eritreans there are in their respective countries; all they know is there will be more tomorrow.

  2. Every where they go in large numbers (that’d be more than two), blacks bring violence, corruption and decay. The frustrating thing is TPTB making excuses for them or not acknowledging it. I’m sick of young, feral city blacks looting, beating, mugging, thieving in flash mobs, car jacking mothers with babies on board becoming “teens” or “youths.” Name the enemy or lose the fight, and with it a civil society.

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