News Roundup

So on with the news… ugh.

...wait till they see 2023‘s numbers. step?  I know: let’s press-gang some of those illegal immigrants!  What could possibly go wrong?

...I know, it’s terrible when 99% of a population gives all the rest a bad name.

In Crime News:

...”gun dealer” in Britishland being a worse sobriquet than “child molester”.

...given that the D.C. locals elected a bunch of “soft-on-crime” officials, one is almost tempted to cook up a bowl of popcorn.

...To Serve and Protect*
*unless we’re a bunch of fraidy-cats
[/Uvalde cops]

...should have just offered some of the council members a kickback from the loot;  problem solved. [/South Africa]

...I dunno;  she’s kinda hot, so:  her own TV reality show, a multi-million dollar book deal, an OnlyFans account?  This is Biden’s America, after all.

...hmmm a vegan saying that narcissism is A Bad Thing?  How droll.

In Travel News:

...keywords:  Newark (NJ) en route to Dublin (IRE) Like Manchester to Malaga, only with less class.

Time for a small helping of INSIGNIFICA:



Finally: guess is that it’s not that often, but whatever.

And that’s the end of the bouncy-bouncy news.


  1. I was going to say I hope the husband-stabbing onion chopper at least changed knives, but based on the “I didn’t know I’d stabbed him” defense I’d say probably not. You’d think she’d have gotten a clue something was amiss when the onions turned pink.

  2. Britney Spears only makes the news for relationships and jiggling around with just enough clothes on so that her pictures and videos don’t get moved to the adult sites.

    why ask permission to retrieve your property? That’s absurd. grab a shovel and start digging dude.

    Didn’t Rome start subcontracting its defense to non Roman citizens? I don’t think that went over well for the Roman Republic. why would anyone join now with their woke agenda, trans sexual perverts, petty wars to distract from the disaster in the White House, mandatory Wuhan flu injections etc.


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