News Roundup

So now that we’re suitably anesthetized, let’s chew on the news:

...[snork] you had me at “roads scholar”.  And speaking of bright sparks:

...we need new planners, methinks.  After we’ve made the existing ones disappear.

...or maybe all we need is the modern equivalent of the old “pump jockeys” (loud sound alert):

...and to all the people who thought this awful little trannie would ever see a jail cell, I have a NY bridge for sale.

...that would be scary, except that the Biden Administration is already halfway there — and they did it with stupidity.

...lock up your sons.

...and in the good old days, this little snowflake would have been hanged for lèse-majesté.  I miss those days SO much.

...we already knew that, assholes.  No doubt this was funded with taxpayer money.

and my solution:

And in INSIGNIFICA: pics because sheesh.

...okay, this is going to be good.


Have mercy (x2).


  1. I heard on the radio that after Swift’s break up with yet another guy, her fans around NYC put flowers and such at some apartment in Manhattan. The problem is that Swift lived their for only three months while her apartment was being renovated.

    It’s a shame that Binton didn’t get prison time. After all, he did commit a felony.

    Even if they went to pump jockies like that, I still wouldn’t get an electric car.

    Roads scholar? um yeah. Talk about an over educated yet ignorant person in significant debt. Toxic masculinity doesn’t exist.

    Protesters blocking roads should be dragged off face down by the ankles.

    Kim Kardashian starting to date again? haven’t blacks suffered enough?

    Liz Hurley versus Jane Seymour. ooo that’s a tough one


  2. Jane never really did it for me. Liz on the other hand……EGAD. If only she was turned on by middle aged fat guys with no money.

  3. I believe the pump jockey has some fantasies about that plug; she handles it like a pro.
    Glad she didn’t suck it though. That would have been a real shocker.

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