Gettin’ Busy

Seems as though our kids are being taken in hand:

“Over the last two days, at least six female teachers across the nation have been arrested for engaging in inappropriate sexual misconduct with students…”

Just to add a little perspective, here:  six teachers out of tens of thousands is barely a rounding error, and the “past two days” is just a random cluster — it’s not every two days, after all.

Then again, to complete the excerpt:

“…including one Kentucky educator who allegedly took part in encounters with a pair of 16-year-old boys.”

Now that’s what I call a well-rounded education.

And yeah, I’m not taking it seriously because the “victims” are teenage boys, and teenage boys are hardly the precious little pets the media makes them out to be.  I mean, I was a teenage boy, back in the Jurassic Age, and if the delectable red-headed Miss Cooke had ever offered herself to me…

…in a heartbeat, Bubba.


  1. I’ve said this a dozen times. Where were these teachers when I was in high school?

    1. Especially the Pennsy woman – she’s good looking, not the dykie type I usually associate with women coaches.

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