1. ’42 Range Rover — reputed to have previous ownership by T. E. Lawrence. Complete but with some minor corrosion damage to the bodywork and possible war damage. Excellent candidate for restoration. Buyer to pay shipping from current location. Buy it now before we send it to Sotheby’s this fall. Serious collectors only. Cash offers encoraged.

  2. Archeologists have uncovered the only known remains of what was called a GM E-Hummer. Dating is suspect as GM went out of business two hundred years ago when all remaining GM dealerships were turned into junkyards.

  3. If you want to go into the Kalahari take a Land Rover. If you want to come back out again, take a Land Cruiser instead!

  4. You can make it to the next election. The communists will be voted out and some REAL conservatives will take over and make things better.

  5. Luke & R2 had left their vehicle behind to continue to explore Jakku on foot.

  6. Did you know that 98% of all Land Rovers ever made are still on the road?

    The others made it home.

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