Train Smash Event

…annnnnd they’re off!

Yes, it’s time for the Train Smash Championship Stakes, at Aintree’s Grand National.  Sadly, though, the pics seem to have been taken before the pubs opened…


While some appeared to have not got the memo about only wearing weird and wonderful outfits…

Rather disappointing, in fact.  Maybe things will go pear-shaped later.


Ahhhh that’s better.


    1. Fat chicks are like mopeds – They’re both a lot of fun, but you wouldn’t want your friends to see you on either one.

  1. Maybe things will go pear-shaped later.

    Kim, a lot of these women are pear-shaped already….

  2. It seems like standing by the pasture gate and watching the heifers wander out onto the busy highway. Everything is okay as they pass, but you know what’s about to happen.

  3. Holy Hell. Seems a lot of the Brit Trollops spent the Rona Lockdown at the feed trough.

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