Combat Controller asks why I have yet to comment on the domestic terrorist attacks in Atlanta:

Police have charged 23 people with domestic terrorism after a violent clash between police and protesters at the site of Atlanta’s future Public Safety Training Facility, nicknamed “Cop City” by critics.

Sunday night, police say the DeKalb County construction site was on lockdown as crews worked to put out flames around the area.

In total, the Atlanta Police Department said 35 “agitators” have been detained.

In Kim’s World, the word “detained”  would be replaced by the phrase “shot dead”, because these little anarchist fucks are actually shooting explosives at the police, and I think that aiming anything at the police deserves a return of fire, so to speak.

What the Antifa movement really needs, I think, is a couple hundred-odd martyrs to their cause, and Atlanta would make a really good place for this process to start.

But no doubt someone will take exception to this sentiment.


  1. The adolescent terrorists have their way now because of the cucked nature of those in charge. Criminals, have the upper hand these days. You are on your own.

  2. It is interesting to me that the only one of those whiney baby anarchists who has been offered bail is the over-pampered scum-sucking lawyer from some anti-America Liberal group. He was ju8st an “observer,” they say. He wore a yellow hat, so that makes his participation in this lawlessness okay, they say.

    Call me jaded, but I don’t see any of these vile people getting convicted or punished for their part in this on-going revolution. It will be called “free speech,” but free speech doesn’t include assault, arson, terroristic threats, or violence.

    Screw them all! The day will come soon when citizens reach their tipping point, and what spills out will be an all-out settling of scores, especially if Donald Trump is re-elected.

  3. antifa and blm need to be declared terrorist organizations and all of their members need to be incarcerated, given tickets to Air Pinochet or tucked in for a dirt nap.


      1. I guess the only debate is whether to let these terrorists dig their own beds for their naps or use this to train more people how to use backhoes, excavators, bull dozers and such.

        Air Pinochet, new pilots get their hours in and training.


  4. I don’t think it would take a couple hundred dead to accomplish the goal of putting a massive crimp in Antifa’s thuggish behavior. Like most bullies, they’ll back off the minute they realize people are done with their bullshit and are prepared to start hitting back. This is why you see Antifa going after people where there is either a significant advantage (e.g. going after the elderly) or when they have numerical advantage (e.g. going after small groups who oppose them). Show them that their foolishness may cause them great bodily injury or show them that they stand against opposition with fire superiority and I suspect their passionate convictions will shockingly become more temperate.

    The reason these kids don’t get rounded up and charged is because like most on the left, they’re paid up with the right people. The same reason Hillary Clinton isn’t in jail right now is the same reason these kids aren’t either. And as far as their political enablers go, if a few people die to accomplish their goals…so be it. This is socialist revolution on the installment plan.

  5. The anarchists are looking for a reactive response that gets one of their comrades killed; that way they can claim excessive force to a “mostly peaceful” protest, and sue the county and state for a metric f*uck ton of cash. The cops and the local PA’s are only happy to oblige, since they know the DOJ will always come down on the side opposing local law enforcement and who won’t mind bankrupting the locals to prove a point.

    It’s going to take a group of GOBs (good ol’ boys) to creep out of the forest, drop a few thousand rounds of whistling freedom on the anarchists, then creep back into the forest.

    Because sometimes, excessive force is just the right amount of force.
    Pour encourager les autres.

  6. Living in a western state (largely depopulated) but with an overabundance of “evil white overlords”, I find it interesting that ANTIFA/BLM has not really mounted any justice campaigns here. Could it be due to the large expanse of non-populated acreage, acreage that is still giving up isolated bodies from conflicts going back to the 1870’s, and the fact that we have more rifles than land owners?

  7. Throwing a gasoline bomb at persons or inhabited buildings or vehicles is assault with a deadly weapon. Ideally, sharpshooters would shoot the bomb while it was still in the hand of the thrower, thus visiting on him (her) the fiery pain he (she) wished to inflict on others.

    Yes, I know that would be VERY fancy shooting. The payoff would be worth the effort, though.

    1. Just shoot the thrower so he drops the bomb at his feat. Teach the others to be careful about what they let those near them do.

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