Am I the last man to discover the excellent War Factories series on the Eeeewww Choob?

If you haven’t watched it, kiss your weekend goodbye, as I did last weekend.

You can thank me later.

There’s also the sulky-looking and acerbic Alexandra Churchill to be seen occasionally.  She really, really hates the Nazis from the 1940s — and who can blame her?

Oh, and she’s definitely not related to WSC:


If this is the New Breed of Lady Historians, bring it on.

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  1. A brilliant companion to the episode you’ve linked to – particularly re: wartime production – is Freedom’s Forge: How American Business Produced Victory In World War II, by Aurthur Herman. It begins with Patton in 1939, flipping thru the Sears catalogue for the nuts & bolts he needs to get his meager, 3rd-rate cavalry up & running. William “Big Bill” Knudsen & Henry Kaiser ultimately come to the rescue, bludgeoning FDR’s collectivist instincts into the fetal position. Exceptionally well written, exhaustively researched, and a spellbinding read.

    Go ye, and read of it.

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