Unwelcome Silence

Damn it all:

Legendary Fleetwood Mac singer Christine McVie has died at the age of 79 – with the bandmates describing her as ‘truly one-of-a-kind’.

The songwriter was also a co-lead vocalist and keyboardist in the popular British-American rock band, which was originally formed in London.

Here’s my favorite Christine Perfect song, which she performed long before she went commercial.

…and the world has become just a little less beautiful.


  1. There’s a hole in the fabric of the Universe today, and some of the good music is leaking out.

  2. Kim,

    Oh, yes that’s a really good song. Have not heard that before. Such a clear voice.

    Ugh….so many of our generation are passing in all walks of life. The circle of life, indeed. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    Kind regards, my friend.


  3. I missed the Chicken Shack recordings, and my first knowledge of her came from the album following Peter Green’s departure from Fleetwood Mac, “Kiln House”. She comes shining through on the back-up vocals, although my old LP doesn’t show her getting any credit. She also drew the album cover, showing that artistic talent isn’t usually limited to just one thing.

    In my opinion she was the anchor for the band in their years without a lead guitarist (Bob Welch doesn’t count, although her singing backup on Sentimental Lady makes the song work). Her songs and singing made those albums worth owning. It wasn’t until they added Buckingham/Nicks that she could finally let her voice fly.

    Along with Sandy Denny the world is missing yet another beautiful clear voice.

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