Rock, Meet Hard Place

Via Reader Mike L. I get this bit of news:

In Missouri, where abortion is illegal, Planned Parenthood sees surge in vasectomies

Doesn’t surprise me.

I had mine done in 1997, some time after my 43rd birthday, and have never looked back.  Frankly, I think that any man who doesn’t have it done by age 45 is asking for trouble, whether or not abortion is legal.  (If your Missus has had her tubes tied or her factory is otherwise disabled, then fine — but be aware that as long as the little swimmers are still there, you can still become a Daddy regardless of the recipient thereof.  I shudder just at the thought.)

And let’s not forget that nowadays you can be stuck with child support payments even if you’re not the daddy — but having had your tubes tied, such an eventuality is highly unlikely if not impossible.

I must admit that back in the times when I did this kind of thing on an ad-hoc basis, it was a real comfort to know that the old production pole had been turned into a joystick.


  1. In 1987 I read a WSJ article that said it cost about $384k to raise a kid from conception through a college degree. We had one kid, a son age 8 at the time and I called the urologist and set an appt. As far as rearing kids goes, it’s quality not quantity that counts. Just take a look at any urban ghetto for reference. I was sore for about a week but then it was back to BAU with never any issues since.

  2. I had mine converted into a sport model about the time you did.

    After living a lifetime of no children (by choice), my wife miscarried

    I would later learn that the child may not have been mine.

    I subsequently had her spayed like a dog and divorced her, of course, but I digress.

    Good on Missouri

    Abortion is illegal here in Tn, also

  3. Around my early 40’s, wife had issues with her birth control pills and other meds she had to take, so the birth control pills got trashed. My choices were snip-snip or no sex without a rain coat. Made the appt, never looked back.

    Also bear in mind that several over-the-counter cold meds will interfere with the Pill and she can still get preggo if you screw here during cold season. That’s a lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way.

  4. Even a vasectomy may not insulate you, as Kim has alluded to. I grew up in Washington state. About the time I left 25 or so years ago, the Gov was just about to sign a bill into law that would make dudes liable for child support payments if they ended a relationship with a woman who already had kids sired by someone else.

    1. Why would they make such a law? Women complain bitterly already that having children causes men to err . . . withdraw from the relationship. No need to make that happen sooner.

  5. Had mine done in my mid 40’s as well. Pretty benign experience overall. New wife and I had 4 kids between the 2 of us already, and while I’d have loved to have one with her, she was of the age that complications/issues with the baby get to be more high risk. So we elected to punt and have sport sex instead.

    Mid 50’s now. Would have enjoyed a little one, and still enjoy the new wife 12 years in. But there comes a point in time where you realize parenting is a young mans profession.

    Overall given the behavior of Womyn’s out there I think more guys should get snipped, rather than create a little hostage for the bitch to use against you.

    1. Best 900 bucks i ever spent. I was 35, childless, and single, after a scare (wasn’t mine, unfaithful slag), and the doctor said they wanted consent from the significant other. Since there wasnt one, I worries this would be a problem but it wasnt.
      However, isn’t it strange that a doctor wants consent from my spouse for me to have a surgical procedure that affects her, but no one gives a shit about her ability to kill my child without my consent – or even knowledge?
      TMI: i had been living overseas, dating a gal from the Czech Republic, who had a trip back home, came back with pictures of her hanging out with her old boyfriend and lo and behild 6 weeks later comes up preggers. After a sad but educational conversation it was revealed that they had indeed done the deed sans raincoat. I ended the relationship, she ended the pregnancy.
      Cancelled Czech, no US currency transacted. So to speak.

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