Old Times, Good Times

Here’s a heartbreaker:

Fern Britton’s ex-husband Phil Vickery was seen kissing her best friend in the street in new images taken leaving a fancy London hotel on Wednesday.

The TV chef, 61, was pictured passionately kissing Lorraine Stanton, 58, who has been close friends with presenter Fern for years, in pictures obtained by The Sun.

According to the publication, the new couple were on a date and were seen leaving the hotel together with overnight bags in their hands.

Some “date”.

As these two people are somewhat obscure Brit TV celebrities (certainly very few of my Murkin Readers will know who they are), here’s a pic of Fern ‘n Phil in happier times:

...much happier times:

And Fern, in the same photoshoot:

But let me not be unkind.  She has lost a lot of that weight, recently:

Not at all bad for 65…

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  1. A good-looking guy, but he doesn’t know how to pull chicks. What’s he doing with those two barkers?

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