That’s The Stuff

It used to be called “Bulldog Spirit” — i.e. digging in your heels and refusing to take crap from anyone.

And this fine restauranteuse is a wonderful example of the above:

An award-winning restaurant has hit out at ‘holier-than-thou’ vegan customers after it received backlash over its new menu, which does not include any main courses suitable for them.
The Kitchen at London House on the Isle of Wight took to social media to defend itself against ‘nasty’ and ‘bullying’ vegans who were outraged at their decision to refuse to cater to their diets.  The popular high street restaurant in Ventnor said that while it used to serve some vegan food they decided to stop due to a ‘militant minority’.
‘We have in the past catered for vegans. Everything from Vegan cream teas, even had special Vegan bacon made so they could enjoy BLT’s amongst other things.
‘We stopped. Why? Because we got fed up with the arrogant, ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude.
‘Please, vegans, it is not a given that we should adapt our menu to suit your preference.
‘If you want vegan food, go to a vegan restaurant – which incidentally if I went to one and asked for a steak I wouldn’t get one, nor would I expect to.
‘You have chosen your lifestyle, it’s not a medical condition that you’ve been forced to endure through no fault of your own.
‘Your choice does not fit with our style of cooking. We respect your choice, and expect that you respect ours.

I would have just told the all veganists to fuck off, but this lady is cut from a different cloth than I am.

Forcing the world to change just to suit your personal preferences is the worst kind of solipsism and narcissism, and good for Our Heroine for standing up to them.


  1. If that restaurant were near me I would eat there so often that the manager would try to put me on the schedule.

    If you want to be a vegan, vegetarian, do crossfit or join whatever cult you like, then go do it. The rest of use don’t want to hear about it. I find those people insufferable.


    1. Speaking of insufferable people, I’m having my roof replaced (thanks State Farm!). We’re having to remove the old one 1st, and Mother Nature has blown some of the accumulated dirt/dust/grit over to one of my neighbor’s. She’s not pleased.

      “I have allergies! I can’t believe you’re doing this! You think the world revolves around you, don’t you?”

      “Well of course I do Allison, because it does. Thanks for noticing and have a great day!”

      I think she likes me.

  2. Well done her!

    I remember reading a similar story about a fish & chip shop. Really the wrong plaice to ask about vegan – or even vegetarian – food.

  3. Good to see there are still some businesses that don’t cave to the vegan jihad.

    Here even places like McDonalds and KFC caved and are including more and more vegan options, and changing things around to cater to the idiots.
    Kentucky Fried Soy anyone?

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