Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Mostly, I define a self-defense shooting as Righteous only when the goblin dies, but I’ll make an exception in this case:

When convenience store owner Craig Cope noticed on surveillance cameras that armed men were going to enter his store, he moved strategically around the counter and grabbed his shotgun.
Cope, video footage shows, quickly fired at the first armed suspect who entered the store, sending him and the other men fleeing.
“He shot my arm off!” one of the armed suspects is heard yelling on obtained surveillance footage.

Should have been your fucking head, is all I have to say.  But, this wounding was actually a Good Thing, because it led to all four scumbags being arrested at the hospital later.

The embedded video at the link will make y’all giggle like schoolgirls.


  1. As we go forward into inflation and tyranny hell there will be a lot more of this stuff, and the boolits will be flying both directions. Better be on your game, or, stay the fuk home. I’m doing both. Society in general is becoming a detestable place to be, mostly because of the miscreants that have been aggressively incorporated by the tyrants.

  2. Remember when websites had counters of how many people visited the website? we need that for dead and injured goblins.


  3. What a quandry presented… Will I be more amused at the perp never victimizing anyone again, or by listening to audio of him squealing like a little bitch? I mean, that’s something i could use. What a ringtone that would make!

  4. A couple points:
    a — sped off in a Blacks© BMW… ‘reportedly stolen’.
    b — new title for camps of addicts and thieves — ‘bidenvilles’.
    Or to honor the ex-prez, ‘obidenvilles’.
    Can be used as a verb:
    The goofballs obidenvilled our neighborhood!

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