Compare And Contrast

Here we see two hotties (of different vintages) wearing somewhat startling outfits to a social occasion:

Paige Spirinac (29), to some party of glitterati:

…and Catherine Zeta-Jones (52), to a wedding (!):

Now I would have no problem with this latest “see-through” fashion trend, until it spreads to women like… (no names, no outbreaks of mass vomiting).

I do care about my Readers’ tender sensibilities…


  1. So let me get this straight..

    – You dropped photos of Nancy Pelosi’s boobs on your unsuspecting readers…
    – Shortly thereafter you announced an upcoming fund-raising drive…
    – Now you’re censoring yourself to not drop ugly photos on your unsuspecting readers…

    I see what you’re doing.

      1. Yes you did
        when it comes to Nancy, my rule book states that
        there MUST be klaxons, sirens, LARGE rotating beacons
        at all points of the compass, small explosive charges
        and a deck officer frantically waving his arms !
        A few well chosen words are simply not enough !

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