Sssshhhh Don’t Tell ‘Em

“When civilization falls apart, the rifle I want is an AK-47.”  We all know that famous quote, but an even better one is:  “When civilization falls, you’d better know how to survive in Nature”, as Richard Moss describes the fate of the “social elites” who don’t:

They would soon realize that their clever turns of phrase, condescending smirks, allegiance to “diversity,” abortion, and rejection of God would mean nothing before the fury of nature and nature’s God. Their fatal conceits would vanish in terrified moments as nature delivered its cruel blows. Their high-minded rhetoric, progressive orthodoxy, navel-gazing, and self-absorption would dissolve before the acid rain of Gaia’s indifferent wrath.

All good stuff.  Of course, I don’t have much of that knowledge either — or at least, it’s been largely forgotten — but I have friends who do, and I would arrive at their doorstep with tons of food, guns and ammo —  to help guard them and their loved ones against the inevitable hordes of goblins who would try to prey on them.

The East/West Coast types?  Best leave them in their ignorance.


  1. Actual conversation I had with a prepper friend who was stockpiling food but balked at my suggestion to buy a gun.

    Me: “I don’t need to stockpile food, I own a gun.”
    Him: “Oh, you mean like for hunting?”
    Me: “Or, I can just come over here.”

  2. It is an old awareness. I read a short story written in the 50s. Aliens horrified at the Korean war did plot magic so chemical explosives and gas and oil no longer worked.
    A pair of college professors husband and wife opined th8s was good and war would end.
    Three months later their bones were in a ditch along with all the other LA county refugees.
    Mankind survived and when thr aliens came back they were ready….

  3. There was a twilight zone episode about a Doctor who had just received some humanitarian of the year type award and was celebrating with his friends and neighbors. The radio announced some sort of nuclear attack so the good doctor took his family to his prepared bomb shelter then barred the door. The neighbors were denied entry and the doctor then protected the door with a shotgun and lectured the neighbors on preparedness and responsibility etc. The radio announced that it was a false alarm. The neighbors then looked at the prepared doctor quite differently after being denied protection and help from the great humanitarian. In my opinion, the doctor did the right thing. He prepared for the safety of his family while others didn’t.


  4. If people show up on my doorstep, what are they bringing with them? Are they bringing materials that are helpful such as food, medicine, tools or knowledge base and a skill set? If they’re answering none of the above then they might find the welcome mat is not out for them.


    1. Any sane person would do the same. I’ve already made plans for if I have to get to a safe haven (Doc Russia’s mini-fortress, and yes we’ve discussed it): guns ‘n ammo (duh), about three months’ worth of food, medications etc., and a willingness to take night-time guard duty. (I can’t sleep much nowadays so it’s not that great a hardship.)

      His New Wife and my New Wife are good buddies, and both are excellent cooks. And there we are.

      1. Oh, and a REALLY bad attitude towards goblins / gummint thugs (some overlap).

        1. In a major catastrophe, gubmint goblins are not your friends – especially if you’re prepared, and they are not.

          1. Yeah.

            “Hand over all your food so we can distribute it equally among all the people who didn’t prepare for this.”

            “How about I distribute some ammo first?”

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