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And if that doesn’t just describe the denizens of this roundup’s news perfectly…

Welcome to a new department:  Royal Assholes:


And on with the real news:

...yeah, let us know how that works out.

…[snicker] Sarah’s being snarky, Sarah is.

key word:  Iran Y’all thought it was Chicago, din’tcha?

every person involved in this horrorshow should be subject to a daily scourging until all the jobs come back to the U.S.

somehow, I don’t think that Guns!Guns!Guns! sells a decent pastrami sandwich, but then again I’ve never been to Uvalde.

not that anyone watches ChickSoc anyway.

and she should know, by golly.

but catches herself just in time.



I report, you decide.


I don’t know who the alleged “TV star” is, but she must have brought quite a lot to the party, because here’s his missus:

And some solo shots:

Nobody named Hunter Biden was harmed in the compilation of this news, unfortunately.


  1. RE: Collins;

    There’s some old feminist canard about how “Women won’t truly be equal until they can walk down the street in a grubby t-shirt and shorts and still think they’re sexy”. I submit to you that that time has come. Unfortunately.

    And yeah, “different” league. Of course, I have no idea what TOWIE is and I won’t be bothered to figure it out.

    RE: Paddy/Christine
    She’s hot, but how crazy is she?

  2. RE: Paddy/Christine: Can we say “high maintenance”? It doesn’t look like much of her is original equipment.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we stop listening to ANYTHING uttered by inbred Royals back in 1776? Who gives a sweet-hot damn what any of them might have to say?

    Charles, yer ma is holding on ’cause she doesn’t want to turn the keys to the castle over to the likes of you.

    Harry: sit down and STFU, ya wanker! Did Megan cut you off, so you have some free time now? Why don’t you go out and get a real job?

    And if his speech at the U.N. isn’t proof enough that it’s time to chase those Blue Hat Socialists across the ocean to Paris or Belgium, I don’t know what is. Why did we ever let those two into this country, anyway? Talk about undesirable aliens!

    1. you’re absolutely right. In fact, I think many people stopped caring about the British Royal family on or before 19 April 1775. they’re no different than Jerry Springer-esque trailer trash with too much money, fame and influence.


  4. Paddy McGinniss is one of the three new idiots on the “upgraded” Top Gear. He’s the one with the impenetrable Irish accent that makes the current Top Gear completely unwatchable.

    1. Top Gear was completely unwatchable once the Big Three left. Sabine had her moments but everyone else in the chairs were dreadful

      1. you’re right. Clarkson, May and Hammond made that show very entertaining. The American version was rubbish and so were replacement hosts. they can’t light a match to the original hosts

        Clarkson’s farm is a great show as well. James May in Japan and his cooking show are rather good too. May’s cookbook is worth obtaining too


  5. DeVos is correct, but she & her boss did fuck all to reign in – let alone abolish – the Dept of Indoctrination. Donnie Douchebag talked the talk; bully for him. The biggest favor he can do for all of us is to go back to what he does best: cheating on his wives and bragging about it to his drooling sycophants; clearing the field for Desantis who walks the walk.

  6. Re: Brought to you by – it’s good to see that Hunter Biden has landed an endorsement deal.

  7. Christine McGuinness already has boobs hanging down to her waist; why does she feel she needs surgically enhanced carp lips to hang down to there too? Is she transitioning to Ubangi?

  8. When Harry was flying missions in A-stan, the comments of some of my friends and co workers who were serving there at the time gave some hopes that he would turn out to be level headed and maybe suited to the status the UK confers on their royalty.

    Sadly it appears he is a chip of the Charles blockhead and going equally batty. Not sure I can assign all of it to his wife, but I am sure that has not helped one bit. We may be watching in real time the end of what honorable royalty remains on the planet.

    Not sure that total dissolution is a good thing, it is nice to have some links to the past that create stability and provide some measure of common sense. Hope ER holds on until after Charles retires to obscurity and skips to William.

    Note who is NOT in this chart

  9. “Bride is shot dead at her wedding.” Darwin was here.

    Ohio company to outsource: Why do you think that washing machines, aircons etc are outsourced to Mexico? Because American steel is so damn expensive because protectionism. Economics 101. Here in Sunny South Africa they had one hundred per cent duties on imported frozen chicken: punishing fifty-five million people to keep fifty thousand jobs. It would have been sooo much cheaper to pay those fifty-five thousand to sit at home on their asses and forget the duties. (My NYPD tee shirt was made in China.)

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