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And speaking of fake whatsits:

could be worse; he could have given one to Nancy Pelosi.

EVERYBODY PANIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In an unrelated study, 90% of Americans have no idea what hummus is.)

okay; let’s start off by taking away the right to vote from you and all the people who feel the same way you do.

or, as they call it in Hollywood:  Son Of Weinstein!

trying to catch up to Texas, are we?

European Union Votes to Condemn Supreme Court
Overturning Roe v. Wade  
oooh, in the face of that, I’m sure that SCOTUS will reverse their ruling right away.

there should be a lot more of this.

first time I’ve ever heard the Republican Party referred to as an act of God.

and will burst on the scene in the U.S. just in time for the 2022 elections, no doubt.  And speaking of pox:

that’s all very well, but it’s barely enough to cover [sic] the homosexual population of West Hollywood, let alone San Francisco, Greenwich Village and Lakeview (Chicago), to name but some “hotspots”.

I report, you decide:

And in link-free INSIGNIFICA:


or you can just hook up with this guy instead:


and she’s quite comely for a farm girl:

“I guess that’s why they call it the news…”  [/Elton John]


  1. “…
    Oklahoma to put prisoner to death almost every month through 2024…”

    What will they do when his corpse wears out?

    1. Winner.

      (I suppose that, if they can give someone ten life sentences, they can give them ten death sentences.)

  2. Pretty girl. Sturdy legs. Large Mams. ==> Obviously English, or Canadian.
    Ahhh. Clicking through, I see she’s a Jersey GIrl … no, not that kind. The cows look like they might be, too.

  3. “…and she’s quite comely for a farm girl:”

    Apparently, you’re not familiar with the ” Corn Fed Nebraska Farm Girl” stereotype that was and still is, the primary source material for every ” Girls Gone Wild” production every made.

    But since you’re from away and were not exposed to the breed at school, you’re excused.

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