Staying Away

I don’t often visit Target stores because they so seldom have anything I want, and if they do, it’s at a premium price.  Guess I won’t be going there anytime soon anyway, what with this bullshit going on:

Target will be selling breast binders and packing underwear as part of its latest clothing collection just ahead of “Pride month” in June.

The retailer is known for celebrating June in a splashy, rainbow-colored way. It has been criticized for offering a pride collection for kids, specifically babies, for years. Now the company is catering to the trans community by promoting specialty garments specifically made for them.

According to Bustle, Target partnered with TomboyX and Humankind for the collection, which are both “queer owned, female-founded brands.” Merchandise will include the expected rainbow-colored messaging that’s become commonplace for these collections. It will also have some new items that a mainstream retailer like Target hasn’t sold before.

In the adult collection, a poem that includes the line, “For the queer lovers and everyone in between, for the rebels that fight to forever be seen,” is featured on tote bags, shirts, and beach towels.

There are also pride flag cat toys, including a giraffe designed in lesbian flag colors and stuffed teacup with rainbow tea, and three tea bags with the lesbian, transgender, and bisexual pride flags.

Call me whatever-phobic, but I just can’t see that any of that merchandise will be suited to me.

Idiots, or evil?  I report, you decide.


  1. I don’t know, Kim, those breast-binders are pretty good antidotes for men with bitch-tits.

  2. I thought those lib bastards had jumped the shark years ago when they banned Salvation Army bell ringers (who in the intervening years have jumped the shark themselves) from their door at Christmastime.

    Sounds like they’re staying the course.

  3. The velvet mafia has to shove this shit in our faces all the time. The bologna smokers and salt lickers can do whatever they want in their bedrooms but why do they have to run their bullshit in our faces?

    Maybe we straight people should see if retailers will carry a “PROUD TO BE STRAIGHT , STRAIGHT PRIDE” clothing. I’m guessing no. Inclusion is a one way street with these liberal pieces of shit.

    1. I saw a bumper sticker that sends the right sentiment “Celebrate my diversity, yours sucks”

      You’re spot on with your observations and commentary


  4. Will they be selling a shirt that homo’s can wear that reads “Fuck me up my ass I’m gay”? And, to be inclusive to the salt lickers “please tickle my taco with your tongue”

    This is all so fucked up. That being said – I don’t give a shit what these mentally ill assholes do privately in their bedrooms. But why in the fuck must they demand attention?

    Maybe us straight people should see if retailers will carry a line of clothing that reads “PROUD TO BE STRAIGHT, STRAIGHT PRIDE”.

  5. Evil and vile. Most Target shoppers are tweens/teens/young adults. There ain’t no way this isn’t targeting kids.

  6. ‘why do they have to run their bullshit in our faces?’
    It’s how they get ‘acceptance’ – eventually. This how we got
    ‘gay ‘marriage’ acceptance. Next step – sex with children and
    you are seeing the beginnings of that step even today.
    The constant, around the clock continual drum beat for YEARS and
    people eventually just give up and give in. Give them their ‘way’
    or whatever so that they will shut up and just go away.
    Except they NEVER do and they NEVER will.
    Their numbers, from what I have read, are less that 2% of total
    population, maybe less than 1% but they yell, stomp their feet,
    carry banners and flags, protest, hold rallies and ANYTHING
    else that will get them attention so that people 1) think they are
    a much larger demographic than they in fact are and 2) so that
    they can safely ‘come out of the closet’ and be ‘accepted’ by more
    and more people. It’s ALL a numbers GAME so that they can LEGALLY
    do whatever they want, wherever they want , whenever they want
    with whomever or WHATever they want. This is, I believe, unfortunately,
    just the beginning !

  7. If there’s a market for it, it’s good that Target sells it.
    Doesn’t mean any one of us needs to be part of that audience.

    I myself won’t buy the stuff, but if others are wanting to do so I’m fine with it being stocked.
    Whether there are enough such customers to make it worth the effort of developing an entire line for a major chain is of course questionable, but for specialty stores it’s a definitely viable niche.

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