“Private” Property?

The concept of private property has always been a contentious one.  It shouldn’t have been, as one of the few actual duties of any government is to protect private property — but ask any landlord in, oh, California how difficult it can be to evict tenants who haven’t paid the rent.

It’s even worse in Scotland — surprise, surprise — where temporary tenant-relief laws passed during the Covidiocy are now set to become permanent:

Previously, once a landlord could prove three consecutive months of rental arrears or more, eviction would have been guaranteed.

Under these latest plans, no eviction will be guaranteed, regardless of circumstance or grounds. It will be all discretionary.

The Bill proposes that a tribunal will still be able to grant an eviction if it considers it reasonable, including where late or no-payment of rent is the reason why the landlord is seeking an eviction. But campaigners have questioned what is deemed reasonable.

Instead of making it an ironclad guarantee — if tenants haven’t paid rent for X period, you may evict them — there’s now good chance that a court may say that such eviction may be “unreasonable”, by some standard undefined.  Of course, that’s an egregious injustice which runs contrary to the concept of private property, and the landloards know it:

‘Generally, a landlord will have a reason to recover their property and once they’ve evidenced their grounds, they should be entitled to recover it.

‘It is unclear what – if any – evidence the Scottish Government are analysing to consider the removal of mandatory grounds for possession.

‘Abusing temporary provisions to satisfy a long-term policy objective appears to be an underhand tactic and the intention to permanently make all grounds for possession discretionary simply highlights the Scottish Government’s wilful and continued disregard of the value of the private rented sector.’

And here’s the weaselly response from the ScotGov:

‘It simply means a Tribunal can take into account all of the circumstances of both landlords and tenants relating to a case before making a decision.  Good landlords recognise the case for keeping tenants in their homes where possible, so adding a final check from the tribunal will support responsible management, recognise financial and other pressures that tenants can face and help prevent homelessness.’

What utter, Class A, Deluxe bullshit.


  1. So what’s the problem? Property owners will cease renting out and will sell their property to… the government. Thereby creating thousands of management jobs, to be filled by politicians’ cousins. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?
    Next problem: people who persist in owning their own homes, often having several unoccupied rooms that could be used by The Deserving.

  2. Eviction laws, like most laws, provide protections to both parties. They won’t like it when masked bandits begin running squatters in the night. Discipline someone enough and they’ll avoid the behavior that encourages the discipline.

  3. Liberals seem to want free rent. Free college. Free cell phones. Free health care. Someone has to pay for that free shit

    There will be less landlords. No working person. Wants to get fucked by these libtards and the people that protect them.

  4. This is one sure fire way to ensure that fewer people or companies build more rental property. If a person or company can’t get paid for rent and provide a return on their investments then investments will stop. This will drive up the cost of rental property.

    People can have free room, board, etc. Just commit some crimes and go to jail.

    I’ve heard people complain that the landlords and property owners didn’t rebuild part of New Orleans. I think it was Ward 9 which was a rather poor area. Once the people evacuated New Orleans they didn’t come back. They owned no real property in Ward 9. They might have some belongings or even a car that could all be moved or replaced someplace else. They did that. Now the area looks desolate. The property owners were absolutely right to not rebuild. WHy rebuild something if there is no demand for the good or service?



    1. “Once the people evacuated New Orleans they didn’t come back. ”

      Yup. Most of them ended up in Houston. Crime here went through the roof thanks to the influx of people from the Big Easy. I’d be okay with half of Houston flooding out so we can return the favor by shipping all those same people back to New Orleans.

      1. Don,
        Lock and load, head on a swivel. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

        With all the nonsense of protests becoming violent riots, time to move the revolver to backup and switch to a semi auto with higher capacity and a few spare mags.


  5. If this becomes law I expect that in a couple of years the usual suspects will be whining about a sudden…”unexpected”… lack of affordable housing. These idiots never learn.

  6. Echoing a lot of the above but the late, lamented P.J. O’Rourke wrote about this in regard to NYFC.

    Because landlords of “Affordable” housing couldn’t get rid of bad tenants, legally, without a mountain of bullshit, when they did get rid of one, they simply welded the door shut to the apartment, with everything inside. So the food spoiled and became a breeding ground for cockroaches and rats. It also created a huge shortage in available housing because now there’s one less apartment available each time.

    Or they just hired someone to torch the damn thing for insurance money and be done with it.

    I’ve had landlords in the past, they were universally assholes. But governmenting the problem only escalates the assholery.

  7. Absolutely correct Coffee. You, me and others here and
    others elsewhere will pay for it – at gunpoint if necessary !
    And the people you are talking about fall into one of
    two groups.
    1 – those who neither know, nor understand nor care one whit that
    someone else is paying and only care whether or not they get
    some of the loot.
    2 – Those that know and understand that someone else is paying for
    whatever is being received and DO NOT CARE ONE BIT !!
    All they care about is that the freebees keep on comin’ !
    Professional, career parasites.

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