Via Insty, I see the following headline:

Sorry Joe, It’s Not ‘Putin’s Price Hike’ on Gas — It’s Yours

…and immediately a Red Curtain Of Blood rolls down over my eyes.

I know that PJMedia has from the start been a polite alternative news source (one reason why I wasn’t invited to join them, and probably never will be), but I can’t stand it any longer.  Let me parse the headline, by way of explanation.

1) “Joe” is not the correct appellation to use for this brain-dead, dishonest, incompetent liar who faked his way into high office.  “Joe” is a nice name:  “regular Joe”, “Joe The Plumber”, even “cup of joe”.  No, this bastard’s name is “Biden”, and that’s the politest name I can think of calling him.

2) “Sorry, but” is also misplaced.  That’s the term you use to correct a wayward child:  “Sorry Martha, but you can’t go out to play until you’ve finished field-dressing that hippie”, for example.  Biden is not a wayward child, however;  he’s a malevolent anti-American Communist (and did I mention “brain-dead”?).

So the correct headline, in the above instance, should have read:

Biden, You Lying Asshole:  the gas price hike is a direct result of your wrongheaded energy policy, and has nothing to do with Russia

…and even that’s too polite.  (Feel free to imagine how I would really like to say it.)


  1. They all live in an alternate universe.

    Yesterday I heard someone claim that we could solve the gas crisis if ” the Government would just subsidize 75% of the cost of electric cars, the cost could be covered by just diverting all the Oil & Gas subsidies that are given to Big Oil, and the electricity coming from solar and wind”. When I attempted to explain all the flaws in his ideas, he just changed the subject to prattle on about the ” unpaid social cost of air pollution”.

    Where do people learn all this nonsense? If that’s what the next generation believes is reality — they are all doomed.

    1. In my opinion, they get it by the steady brainwashing that drones on from every audible and printed source that used to contain news and has now become nothing but propaganda. Orwell wrote about how the televisions in his dystopia couldn’t be shut off, only their volume could be turned down to some degree. As various media outlets are bought up by large parent companies, their news and opinion is written by the same few people. So even if people seek a different source, ABC, NBC, NYT etc they are really just different outlets of the same tripe. If you suggest any source that conflicts the mass media you’re called a heretic and the source is dismissed as lunacy.




    *note to self….need to start carrying more reloads.*

    *reloading sounds*
    *reloading sounds*

    *note to self….need to start carrying more reloads.*

  4. More proof that shortages are caused by God. Famines are caused by man.

    This is no different than the Ethiopian .gov denying food delivery to certain troublesome parts of their population.

    All in the name of the greater good for mankind.

    Maybe we’ll get a “We are the world” type benefit concert, to make it all just a little bit worse.

  5. There isn’t language rude enough to refer to the asshole usurper and his incompetent JUNTA.
    I speak seven languages, and I don’t know enough swear words.

    (Seriously, if you’re going to take over a country, have the courtesy of being MINIMALLY competent. But these are fourth generation commies, not smart enough to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel (though now that I know more about FDR maybe it was always like this. They just used to have complete control of the industrial/education complex. I don’t know. I came in halfway through this movie. But it seems to me commies used to be more competent than this. I might be wrong.).)

    Before this is over, we’re going to have to say it with ropes or helicopters.
    Unless someone puts me in charge, because heredity is stronger than people think, and I’ll say it with crosses lining every major high way in America.

    1. I love the way this lady thinks.

      Crosses alongside the roads makes great practice for laughing conservative children and their .22 rifles.

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