1. Even the libertarian in me thinks that there ought to be a law against selling XXL sized bikinis.

    1. “Yeah, yeah, but your bikini designers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

  2. Billy Connolly once described the North Sea as a branch of the Arctic Ocean (I wish I could find the video) and told what sort of painful shrinkage a man goes through wading into that water. Can’t imagine what those crazy women went through!

      1. Thanks much Truebrit! I can face the world now, having had a few good Connolly inspired laughs.

    1. That’s a great bit of comedy. I saw it on the Comedy Channel ages ago. I think he said that a few miles off the coast there were oil drilling rigs where the people wore survival suits and there were signs that said if you fell in the water even with a survival suit on you would die within a short period of time due to hypothermia. A few miles away at the coastline, Connolly’s teacher was force marching him into the same water in just a pair of swim trunks.

      1. You learn to swim _fast_ that way.

        I grew up in Traverse City, Michigan. In the summer, it’s a beach resort town. In the winter, the bay freezes over and far too much of Lake Michigan comes ashore in the form of snow. But we still had a bit of tourist trade, in a ski resort on the tallest (but not tall enough) hill.

        Then there was the Polar Bear Club. They cut holes in the ice and went swimming in mid-winter. I could never see that. The bay was cold enough all summer for me, never much over 60 F.

        OTOH, if we got a strong frigid north wind blowing right down the length of the bay in August, the tourists stayed in their hotel rooms, and I went body surfing. Besides generating waves big enough to notice, it drove the warmer water from the surface and piled it up at the end of the bay. It was wonderful swimming in that, but getting out of the water was hard!

  3. I kind of think it is delightful watching women of all sizes doing silly stuff, including some nice fun-size women. It does not look as if any one of these sweet creatures is freezing her ass off, so much of that saying.

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