Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

There are just not enough “alleged”s in this happy story, so I’ve added a few:

An alleged intruder was fatally shot Thursday morning in Houston, Texas, after entering a home and [allegedly] opening a bedroom door.   The [alleged] incident occurred around 1 a.m., ABC 13 reported.

Police indicated the homeowner was sleeping on the second floor when he [allegedly] heard glass break. The alleged intruder then entered the home, came upstairs, opened the bedroom door, and the homeowner shot him in the neck.

The alleged intruder fled the home and went to a neighbor’s house, telling them he had [allegedly] been shot and seeking medical help.

I can already hear your groans, because the paramedics arrived in the nick of time and saved the alleged scrote’s life, right?

Nazzo fast:

However, time ran out while he was at the neighbor’s house and the alleged intruder died.

He didn’t die, he just ran out of blood.

Needless to say, even though this allegedly happened in Houston, Our Hero is not facing any charges.

And had this happened anywhere else in Texas, there’s a good chance the neighbor would also have shot the bastard, dripping blood all over the Persian like that.

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  1. Didn’t the alleged intruder allegedly die after allegedly bleeding all over the neighbor’s rug?
    The alleged intruder will allegedly be missed by his family and his alleged criminal associates, particularly if an allegedly ethical lawyer attempts to recover money from someone.

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