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…and by golly, you’re going to wish you had a pipe going by the time this is all over.

bringing to us a new (and foul) term:  Christian Woke.

actually, we’re pissed off at the government’s response to Covid-19.

warning:  that’s going to be a long read.

which is a lot better than me — I ignored it completely.

okay, so it’s not all bad news, especially if you follow the link to see the reaction.

and the good news keeps on coming.  Still in Georgia:

aw Hersh, not you too.

people are still getting arrested for this?

undoubtedly a Bad Thing:  unless it takes out Portland, of course, and then we can call it a tie.

key word:  Wisconsin.  Trying to beat Ed Gein to the title, she was.  Damn.



And speaking of Da Nooz, here’s the BBC’s own Katie Derham, who it must be said looks quite delectable for a chick broad woman in her early 50s:


…and that, as they say, is the news for today.


  1. Follow the link for the Wyoming Senate wising up. This Kathleen Belew (pronounced just like Kackle-A Harris’s talent with Willie Brown) is easy on the eyes but brutal on the ears and brain. The comments on the link are heart warming.


  2. China largely ignoring Biden’s speech…heh…

    Like anyone, we tune out the ramblings of a brain addled geezer whether he’s grandpa or the president.

    “you say something, gramps?”

    I don’t think the geniuses that wrote what the teleprompter told him to say are all that bright either.

  3. The woke church is a real problem. The nation’s largest evangelical denomination (the Southern Baptist Convention) elected a very much left leaning man (Ed Litton) who within a week of being elected was exposed as a serial plagiarist (likely around 145 sermons plagiarized and the one that we do know is lifted nearly word for word). They have affirmed Critical Race Theory as a “useful analytical tool” and are now virtually silent on LGBTQ and feminism.

    The Daily Wire also did a significant expose on how a number of prominent evangelical leaders did much to carry water for the NIH’s heavy handed COVID-19 policies. Loving your neighbor became synonymous with wearing a mask and getting the Fauci ouchie as often as you were told to get it.

    The left’s intellectual rot has infected the church and its effects are far more widespread than many outside the church realize. This isn’t just the Roman Catholic Church electing a leftist Pope that is largely ignored today. This rot is spreading like wildfire through evangelical seminaries and just like everywhere it goes, it leaves destruction and intellectual bankruptcy in its wake.

    1. Whatever the Left touches it ruins (or turns to shit, depending on how friendly you want to be towards your granny’s sensibilities).

  4. Grievance Studies degrees can not exist without subsidy and government guaranteed loans.

    If the schools were self funding, they would absolutely NOT loan out $100+k to someone whose degree guarantees that they cannot be employed in any authentically productive capacity. They would quickly go broke.

    As it stands, it’s illuminating to research where Grievance Studies graduates actually ARE obtaining employment:

  5. The Ohio House and Senate passed a Constitutional Carry bill and sent it to the Governor yesterday,

    Still waiting to see if the RINO DeWine will sign it or is going to get overridden (again).

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