Keeping Shtum

Ah yes, the conveniently-unsolved murder, a favorite of the Federal Alphabet Agencies:

Here the FBI swiftly arrests a Colombian national for a crime committed in Haiti, a foreign nation. On the other hand, in two years, the FBI has made no arrests in the murder of Philip Haney, a former DHS whistleblower gunned down in Amador County California, USA.

The FBI has Haney’s thumb drives, computer and documents, but no word what those might contain. In similar style, the FBI remains silent on any leads or persons of interest in the case. The Amador sheriff would like to know, and so would Haney’s friends and relatives, along with members of the public concerned about radical Islamic terrorism.

Based on developments so far, it would be hard to blame them for considering another possibility. Maybe the FBI and Homeland Security Investigations have [the late] Philip Haney right where they want him.

And law enforcement wonders why the American public is starting to hate them back…


  1. “Starting to hate them back?” You’d think conservatives in general would’ve figured out after Ruby Ridge, but nope. No such luck.

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