Doing The Right Thing

Taking a break from locking people up in their homes, beating them up in the streets and harassing them for not wearing paper face condoms, the OzPM does something right, for a change:

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backed what he called a ‘terrific’ bill that would ban transgender athletes from single-sex sports

‘The primary policy intent of the Bill is to acknowledge that categorisation by sex is a necessary and important mechanism to provide sporting participation and competitive opportunities for females. It seeks to ensure that women’s single-sex sport is protected and encouraged, and that a male person is not entitled to demand inclusion into women’s sport on the basis of gender identity.’

Predictably, the Usual Suspects have thrown a hissy fit:

Rights groups have slammed the bill and reacted angrily to Morrison’s comments, arguing that the amendment would see transgender people excluded.

Let’s just examine this for a moment.  While it is claimed that there are “thousands” of transgenderists in Australia (a topic for another time), the actual number of people who’ll be affected by this bill is a few dozen, at the most:  men thinking they’re women who want to participate in top-class competitive sport.


  1. In a way I sort of see this whole trans thing in a weerd mesmerizing way. Like the flik of a switch, once sane people can instantly become mentally unstable and claim an internal pipe can become an external pipe and vice versa.

    And do so with an angry straight face.

    In my opinion all of this silly nonsense can be solved using the Mike Tyson method. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

  2. I think this bullshit first appeared on my radar 10-15 years ago when Serena Williams set some major milestone record in women’s tennis. NPR had John McEnroe on to weigh in as the expert commentator. During the interview he called Williams the greatest women’s player of all time. NPR’s woke female host indignantly asked “why do you have to call her the greatest women’s player? Why not just the greatest player?”

    “Because she’s not. She couldn’t beat the 200th ranked player on the men’s side.”

    It became a ridiculous fabricated made-up controversy & McEnroe wound up apologizing (!). Williams got sucked into it & allowed as how she didn’t entirely agree with McEnroe. She said she probably could beat the 200th ranked man, but definitely not the 100th. She said she had a hard time against her male hitting coach, & he’s not even a pro.

    The most glorious wake up call will occur in fighting – boxing & MMA – when a dude who feels pretty steps into the ring against a legit chick & beats her to death. She’ll be dead. But she’ll be woke. Win win!

    1. Slant,
      The MMA situation has already occurred.

      The only equitable thing to do is have three categories for competition, male, female and an open classification where anything goes. The male and female competitions should be restricted by DNA. In the open classification let anything go. Don’t even put restrictions on performance enhancing drugs and let’s see how that plays out.

      McEnroe apologizing was ridiculous. He pointed out a truth. That transgender swimmer was ranked 400 and something in men’s swimming yet beats women in their events. That’s absurd. DNA doesn’t lie. I thought we were following the science.


      1. I think my own litmus would be ‘if you have the xy chromosomes, you’re not competing against anyone who doesn’t.’

        1. Can they test for the XY Chromosome now? When I studied biology back in the days of Rene Richards, I recall the instructor saying that the sex test conducted by the International Olympic Committee in 1974 was only to test for the presence of something called “Bar Bodies”, something that the XX chromosomes formed because the second X chromosome was extra and for a lot of things unnecessary. Rene Richards, thanks to the hormones he took to help his outward sexual identity conform to his mental identity, and those hormones would, according to the instructor way back then, produce the tested-for hormone called Bar Bodies.

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