1. Glued to the roads in late February, early March in Germany?
    Well, something’s bound to get frozen.

    A nice sleet storm is probably in order to optimize the schadenfreude.
    Oh goodness! I just realized! What if the Germans want to send some of their broomstick armed troops to drink beer in Poland in defense of Biden’s stalwart defense of Ukraine!
    They could be arrested as agents working for the Russian GLU!

    Any word on if they’re vaccinated and wearing their face diapers?

  2. Nice to know with a shooting war breaking out, effectively just down the road, that we can still focus on what’s important. All the Prussian ethic must have been killed off in 2 world wars so the gene has not been sufficiently strong to show up in subsequent generations.

    Listen to Kraftwerk while you watch your daughters get raped by “asylum seekers “, but above all else make sure you buy into a collective guilt, so everyone knows your passivity is for the best.

    As someone descended from Prussian stock on both sides, I shake my head.

    But then I look at us Americans and who we “elect ” and let run things, and I realize “people in glass houses….” I guess I’m getting too old to give a shit anymore.

  3. Well I dunno. Wild over-reaction to protests has worked for Bashir al-Assad hasn’t it? He’s still in power.

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