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Finland Anti-Lockdown Convoy Hits Helsinki

Helsinki saw dozens of motor vehicles clog its streets on Friday evening, sparked by the nation’s lockdown rules, as well as the rising cost of fuel in the country.

Police initially tried to stifle the protest before it occurred, implementing a ban on heavy goods vehicles — a class which includes a wide variety of trucks — without a permit from the city centre.

That’s excellent news.  But here’s my absolute favorite part:

However, according to a report from Finnish public broadcaster Yle Uutiset, this did not stop the protest from going ahead, with dozens of vehicles, including motor homes, cars, vans, and at least one mobile sauna, streaming into the city centre for the demonstration.

A mobile sauna?   The only way this shindig could have been more Finnish was if Mika Häkonnen had been part of the parade, riding a reindeer.

Bravo, ystäväni.


  1. we need more of these anti lockdown, anti mask, anti mandatory vax etc protests around the world

  2. Jeezo, don’t be calling Finns ‘Scandis’ they’ll knife you or shoot your eyeball out from a thousand yards.

    They’re a kind of ice-resistant Hungarian.

  3. When they start televising sanctioned mass public beatings, let me know and I’ll lend an eyeball or two. Until then, I’ll be loading pmags.

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