My Difficult Choices

…from yesterday’s post about driving around the Virginia International Raceway:

Group A:  2009 Wiesmann Roadster

Are you kidding me?  A German V10 in a custom-built luxury sports car?  Vroom, vroom.

Group B:  1995 Aston Martin DB7

Never driven an A-M… time to do so.

Group C:  1985 Lancia Delta S4

Better than the Stratos?  I’d need to judge for myself…

Group D: 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL
Not even close.  One of the best cars BMW ever made.

Group E:   1967 Iso Grifo 350 GL
American engine, Italian styling.  Also, not even close.

Group F: 1955 Fiat 8V Zagato
Let’s see:  four-time winner of the Euro Sports Car championship, a snarling 2-liter V8 engine… what was the question, again?

Next Sunday will feature yet another series of difficult choices.  I rather like this game.

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