So I got this news via (see sidebar for link):

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. Reintroduces the Marlin 1895 SBL Lever-Action Rifle

“We are excited to officially flip the switch and let our customers know that Marlin is back,” said Ruger President and CEO, Chris Killoy. “Since the move of over 100 truckloads of equipment and inventory back in November 2020, our engineering team took the 1895 through a complete design and production review focused on achieving the highest quality, accuracy, and performance standards. The end result is a quality rifle, produced using modern manufacturing methods, that consumers will be sure to enjoy and proud to own.”

This first model is just the beginning of the reintroduction of the Marlin brand and illustrates the improved manufacturing processes that deliver reliable, attractive firearms. These processes will result in the introduction of additional Marlin models, calibers and variations over the coming years.

All well and good.  Then comes this little sting in the tail:

Due to the anticipated strong demand and the limited quantity of Ruger-made Marlin lever-action rifles, Ruger encourages retailers to contact their distributors for availability and advises consumers not to leave deposits with retailers that do not have confirmed shipments.

Translation:  “We’re going to make these fantastic rifles again, but just not quite as many so that we can keep prices artificially high.”

And I bet they’re going to disfigure those “RM” Marlin rifles with that stupid and unnecessary Ruger warning that “guns are dangerous” (right-click to embiggen):

It’s enough to make you sick.


  1. That sure is a purty hawgleg.
    But I can’t afford the bullets, even if they are available.

  2. I’m sure they’ll load them up with tacticool rails to mount all sorts of unnecessary crap on.

  3. I had one of the marlins and add in the extra I spent to get some of the features the Ruger has out of the box I plan on getting one. And this one is stainless and laminate stock. What’s not to like?

  4. “Guns are dangerous.” Gee, no kidding. What was it the Russian translator famously said?
    “Is Gon! Is shoot!”
    Or the Texas Ranger who was questioned about his M1911 that he kept Cocked and locked, “Isn’t that dangerous?”
    “If it wasn’t dangerous it wouldn’t be any use to me.”

    At least it has a ghost-ring sight. Colonel Cooper should be pleased.

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