News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to mock:

I was going to say something about Commie governments always giving it to you in the ass, but then I remembered that I have an appointment with my tax advisor next week.

thirty grand for a seat?

the actual headline has been edited for clarity.

asshole killed over six dozen people, and he’s up for parole?

oh, that climate change:  is there anything it can’t do?

you whiners wanted equality, you got it.  Sucks, dunnit?

given how all corporations are so woke these days, it won’t change a thing.

From the Dept. of Covidiocy:

Dispatches from the Homo Wars:

their property, theirs to decide how to dispose of it.  Imagine doing the same with Muslims

Caitlyn Jenner and Eddie Izzard were unavailable for comment.

clearly, some people are unaware of the meaning of the term “the late”.

    (no problem, toots) 

…live by the mamba, die by the mamba.

always call ahead [sic].

And speaking of sex-crazed parents, here’s self-confessed sex maniac Amanda Holden (50):



  1. Prioritizing lone women on flights? Hah!

    Welcome to the big leagues. Expect to be knocked down a lot.

    Women have no idea what they’ve given up. And the sad thing is, they gave it up so long ago that new generations of women have zero ‘womanly art’ type skills. Most women I know approach everything like a dude. Gone are the times when they’d cook you a nice dinner, flirt a bit, and steer you where they want to go making you think it was your idea all along.

    Most women have forgotten us guys are dumb in certain areas. But dealing with negotiation and conflict isn’t one of them (usually).

    1. The AA in this case is the British Automobile Association, like your AAA

      The AA used to say, in adverts, that if you were a lone female, broken down in the country, you were bumped up the list.

      No more

  2. the wimmin’s movement is going to be awfully angry when they get the equality that they demand.


  3. “sshole killed over six dozen people, and he’s up for parole?”

    Yeah, his lawyer says he needs to be released to prove he’s reformed. I think you’ve got that backwards, Skippy. Never mind that Chuckles was throwing Nazi salutes in court (something I had to read from your link, as when Instapundit posted about it a couple days ago, he linked a Norwegian source that didn’t mention that at all, just “his behavior in the court.” I asked in the comments what that meant and someone said it was the salutes…but that the Norwegian paper couldn’t report it because of local “don’t talk about the Nazis” laws.

  4. Norway no longer has the death penalty or life inmprisonment for civil crime (just military), so the bastard will serve at least 14 years of a 21 year sentence and then they get to keep him imprisoned if they deem he’s still dangerous. He’ll get a hearing every five years. Sheesh.

  5. About Breivik. I truly hope he repents of his crimes and reforms.


    On the hearing’s first day, Breivik professed white supremacist views and made Nazi salutes while he claimed to be reformed.

    A psychiatrist, who has observed him since 2012, told the court that Breivik cannot be trusted.

    It’s quite clear that he has yet to do so.

    1. Q,
      Repentance is just a word, easily said, not always meant. Feed the little Nazi fucker into a wood chipper, feet first.

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