Not Even That

From Glenn, speaking about the latest offering from SIG:

I Do Like SIGs But This Seems More About Bling

Exactly.  They’ve discovered a market — the gadget-obsessed gun owner — and they’re milking it for all it’s worth.  And good luck to them, say I.

I don’t care for SIGs, because for some reason, I’ve never found a full-sized model that fits my hand as well as a 1911 or Browning High Power.  (And before you start making suggestions that all I need to do is try this model or that model, and all will be peace and love and kittens;  don’t bother, because I have.)

I fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the only non-1911 SIG I’d care to own is the venerable P210:


And the fact that I’d like to have one even though it’s chambered for the detestable 9mm Europellet should say it all.


  1. I love Sigs, but I do agree with Glenn’s comment. That said, I did previously plop down a small fortune on a “limited edition” Sig Custom Works P226 Equinox (bling!).

    What sold me on the Sig (P226, P227, P229) was that I find them to be deadly accurate with minimal effort. I was able to make shots with them that I could not hit with other guns, and thus I now own several of them in 9mm, .40, and .45. Sig P320 and P365 are both nice as well though I usually prefer hammer fired guns to striker fired.

  2. I agree on classic Sigs only. (Or current productions of classic sigs. The new release of the P210 P226 etc)

    I do not like red dots and lasers and all that nonsense on a pistol. Too busy. Plus. Those battery operated things can fail at the wrong time.

    While I disagree on the model (I like P229 and P226 models) I agree that older classic sigs and current production of those models are the best ones. (Some like the old P210. Some like new)

    New plastic sigs and any model with electronic gizmos are not for me. Not my cup of tea.

  3. I’ve always found Sigs to be a couple hundred dollars more expensive than any comparable pistol. Are they really that much better?


    1. In my opinion the classic series (P226, P229 and P220) DEFINITELY are worth the money.

      Durable. Reliable. They are stylish. And they are accurate and the triggers feel awesome.

      The new stuff? P320 and P365. Not my cup of tea.

  4. I guess Im out of the window for editing

    I tend to prefer 1911s and S&W handguns. The Sig 1911 is slightly larger from what I understand than regular 1911s so that they don’t fit regular holsters and such. Pass.

    The 210 has been a legendarily accurate handgun but I doubt I could ever use that more effectively than another handgun.

    At least Sigs have some character to them rather than the utterly boring lines of Glocks. Sure Glocks work but they are so dull looking


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