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I wish we had more interesting surveys Over Here in Murka, but we don’t.  Here’s yet another one from over there, and a sample thereof:

Top 5 People We Wanna Bonk:

My top 5 wouldn’t include Margot or Kylie (Australians) or Emma Watson (Hermione).  My longtime restraining order  infatuation with Carol Vorderman is well known in these herrre parrrts, but girl-next-door Sandra Bullock has never really got my morals to begin their takeoff run.

As for the men… whatever, although the oily Paul Hollywood makes me want to punch him in the nose whenever I see him on screen.

Here’s another question from the survey:

Assuming that nobody’s lying about this (a big assumption), one out of ten people will be trying to shag someone else at the office Xmas party, assuming anyone gets to have a party this year (another big assumption).  Whatever that actual number is, I would be fascinated to see how many women are planning a little festive bonk, with hubby all unsuspecting.


  1. Hhhhmn. ‘Fraid I wouldn’t touch any of the so-called men, with yours.

    1. Who? Footballer so, thick
    2. Tom Hardy. Pffft, nah, looks a right wimp.
    3. Blonde, so, no
    4. Ah, Irritating Elbow. No, because, reasons….
    5. Shudder

    Now, if you want REAL men, and not cradle snatching, we’re talking

    1 Daniel Craig, of course (not to be confused with Craig David, a totally different kettle of fish). Deadly smooth and looks quite acceptable in tight swim trunks. Or in the entire Layer Cake film.
    2. Jason Statham. Ridiculous actor, nice, um, torso.
    3. Gerard Butler. Close second.
    4. Sean Bean – as long as he didn’t speak
    5. Keanu Reeves – no acting required so should be ok

    You’re welcome.

    1. Don’t give me that. Freddie’s a ginger, and we all know about Brits’ hatred for same.

      1. You are entirely correct sir. Ging-Er men, in direct contrast to red headed women, are the spawn of the devil and have no soul. Don’t even have any redeeming features like freckley boobs either 😌

  2. That’s some funny stuff, I am old and have no idea who those men folk are and I recognized the names of three of the lady people, 57 year old Bullock has made some fun movies but I never thought of her as being super sexy, she was just a cute young thing and now like the rest of us she has aged on up and look all right, that’s about it.

  3. What? No votes for the weekend cashier at the local Piggly Wiggly?

    Oh, just celebs. Reminds me of the old joke, husband and wife decided to each write down a name on a piece of paper. If either ever had the opportunity to have sex with the person they chose, the other would be ok with it. One free sex romp allowed with the fantasy person on paper. The wife showed her paper, on which she wrote George Clooney. The husband showed his, on which he wrote “your sister”.

  4. A couple companies I worked for had Christmas parties. I enjoyed a couple drinks, a meal and got out of there fast.

    Apparently I started at one company a month or so after the Christmas party and two people got “friendly” on the balcony and thought they were hidden by the back of the bar but the tinted windows gave people at the bar a complete show. Once they started getting too far someone went out to educate them on views from the bar.

    The best Christmas party I went to was at a brew pub that had an arcade in the back that was the function room. The owners wanted to keep the fun going so they put out piles of quarters so we could play the games, husbands versus wives, spouses versus other spouses. It was very fun. The food was good, the drinks were good and I don’t think anyone got stupid.

    As far as the top 5s go, meh. Out of ten names I think I recognized maybe half at best.


  5. I’m with you, Carol Vorderman is the only one on that list that I might find interesting. Looks wise, I think Sandra Bullock is OK but it just doesn’t work for me.
    As to lusting after co-workers, I worked in a social service agency where most of my subordinates, peers and bosses were women and for about 10 years of that time I was single. While I occasionally dipped in the company pond for company to a movie or dinner, I never got seriously involved. Its funny but most of my subordinates were much younger than me and a couple tried to fix me up with their moms.

  6. I only recognize three of the women. As actresses I enjoyed Sandra B. and Emma was a cute kid. But ‘no’ to all three even Kim’s favorite. First and last I have no clue who they are.
    (Off Topic: some women look much better with their clothes on. Saw some dirt-bag site with Emma in the raw and doing some sex thing. Gad, she has no sense, and she looks much worse nekid.)

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