Longtime Reader Sean F. sent me this, and wondered if I’d ever tried it:

My reply was unprintable, even for this website.  Gin-flavored tea — i.e. adding a sniff of gin to a cup of Yorkshire Gold — might be acceptable in cases of dire emergency (although rum is far better).  But a tea-flavored gin?

The fact that they chose the floral Earl Gray — tea of people who don’t know much about tea but are seduced by the ersatz  class of the name — says it all.  Revolting.


  1. Earl Grey is afternoon tea, morning tea is English Breakfast.

    …… and I’ve always considered Gin suitable only for serious alcoholics.

  2. Earl Gray is a “floral” tea? Ah, no wonder Capt Picard drank it. Capt Kirk would drink Romulan Ale, because he’s not a limp wrist like Jean-Luc. Even is name is wimpy.

  3. I like Earl Gray as a cold remedy, the citrus from the bergamot seems to help cut through the crud.

    The bourbon, lemon, and honey help too.

    1. Bourbon, with lemon and honey…..
      now that would be interesting, unless you really like bourbon.

  4. I personally like Earl Grey. Strange, I like mild flavored tea, even though I like my coffee (which I drink as God intended, hot, and black) and beer strong-flavored. Then again, when I have Earl Grey teas it’s generally Twinnings tea bags (runs for cover).

    Mark D

  5. There’s nothing wrong with proper Earl Grey; just avoid the knock-offs. De gustibus non est disputandum.

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