1. Careful, you’ll be accused of racism (because only black people were ever hanged you know).

    Actually, one of my pet peeves is people who can’t tie knots. My Dad was a merchant seaman for many years, and before I could read I could tie a square knot, Bowline, sheep-shank and yes a hangman’s noose. I even had a length of rope (REAL rope, not clothesline) I used to practice. And no, tying seven half-hitches doesn’t make a knot, it only means the only way you’re getting it loose, assuming it doesn’t come loose on its own, is with with your knife (you ARE carrying a knife aren’t you? And of course it’s SHARP isn’t it?)

    Mark D

  2. Have to disagree. you also need to know a good knot to secure the OTHER end of the rope, or it just doesn’t do any good.

  3. Warning: Incoming Rant.

    Why is this the ULTIMATE book of everyday knots? Despite what many people seem to believe, the word “ultimate” does not mean “the bestest ever!” It means “final,” as in “this is the last one.” So the title of this book means that it is the last book of everyday knots that will ever be published. From now until the end of time, there will never be another one.

    Which is stupid, because even if it were true (and it’s not), how could you possibly know? Did you consult with prophets and fortunetellers and psychics to research the future of publishing? Do you have a working crystal ball? Of course not. Nobody can see the future, so it’s a good thing that the people who chose the title for this book have no idea what it means.

    Why do I care about something so trivial? Because I write for a living. The English language is my toolbox, and words are my tools. So I tend to take it personally when people ruin my tools by misusing them. It’s no different from ruining a perfectly good screwdriver by using it as a chisel.

    1. SD,
      In the Categories links on the right of the page, see “Grammar Nazism”.

      And as a reminder to all: rants are always welcome in my Comments.

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