News Roundup

All the news that makes you want to kill something, or somebody.

except for the guy below:

stroking after stroking, in other words.

I don’t want to sound unsympathetic, but it serves him right.  A pensioner’s job is to putter around the workshop or garden, grumble with his buddies at the diner or shooting range, and play with his grandchildren — not that cycling over mountains bullshit.

Giggsy is a well-known Grade A deluxe asshole, but I still wanna hear his side of the story — because there have been times in my life, I swear

like Socialists, who keep doing the same dumb shit for generations even though it always fails.

as long as “very high walls” are included in the architects’ plans (To guard against all those White supremacist groups in D.C., of course.)

okay, quit that derisive laughter, willya?

cool.  Enjoy the coming apocalypse, y’all.

fake news, never happened — because private ownership of handguns is illegal in Britishland.

some guy pulls a Mungo and it’s all about the protest violence.

LOL.  The irony?  This supposedly happened in snooty University Park and Highland Park (a.k.a. “Park Cities”), which have voted reliably Democrat since, well, forever.

Time for another dump of pics that are just taking up space on my hard drive [sic].  This time it’s someone named Nicola McLean:

So much for the news.


  1. This is puzzling. She looks chubby in the grey dress but not the bikini. This is worthy of further study.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me about the horseshoe crabs, disgusting creatures that don’t even have the decency to be edible.

    Back in my teens my Dad and I would go surf-fishing regularly during the summer. Certain times of the year the horseshoe crabs would breed and die off, thousands of those ugly bastards on the beach in various stages of decomposition and a stink that would make Rosie O’Donnell lose her appetite. I know they fill an ecological niche or they wouldn’t exist, but personally I rank them just above mosquitos.

    On the other hand, where I have different fingers, Ms McLean certainly is lovely. A google search shows that not only was she born the year I graduated High School, in a couple months she’ll be 40. Is it really 40 years since I graduated High School? I demand a recount!

    Mark D

  3. People also ask Is Highland Park Texas Republican or Democrat?

    Year Democratic —- Republican
    2020 36.51% 2,207 62.45% 3,775
    2016 30.98% 1,638 64.71% 3,422

    Not so fast there Lone Ranger ~ there is still a conservative bunch of folk there in the ‘Bubble’. My granddaughter was a member of the Highland Park High School, Dallas, 2021 class and our family was present for that graduation. We enjoyed the speech when Valedictorian Clarabel Chen reflected on the class of 2021, a lovely young woman of Asian decent and her family was introduced. Then a most entertaining young man Salutatorian Tabish Soleman gave a delightful speech, he was of Middle-East background. Lots of fine people of all sorts live in that school district and they have some incredible kids who made up that class of approximately 500 graduates.

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