1. This kind of thing used to bother me more. Now that I’m older, I simply shrug my shoulders.

    These dudes are old and did a lot of living in all those years.

    Old men die. Most without a library of music that they created which will be enjoyed for generations.

    I’ll have a drink in his honor.

    (Pfft…as if I need a reason. I’d sip a cold one in honor of my dog or the long suffering mailman)

    1. Author Michael Z. Williamson posts drinks when (some) famous people die.

      For Dusty Hill, the Texas Afterburner – tequila and Tabasco.

  2. Thus endeth the run of the longest unchanged band line up in popular music, running with Gibbons, Hill, and the famously beardless Beard since 1970.

    1. Every band must change over time. I had hoped it wouldn’t happen to this one for a few more years.
      It is a sign of talent, imagination and perseverance to be together so long, still performing, and still selling recordings. Most bands can only develop enough material for two, occasionally three, albums.

  3. I saw them at Riverbend in Cincinnati couple of years ago. Greatest concert EVER!!

  4. I got to see ZZ Top as the openers for Lynrd Skynrd at the Oakland Coliseum with a friend and his girl just before the turn of the century. I think they put on a better show than the headliner.

    Netflix did a documentary that came out pre-COVID that was excellent ZZ TOP: THAT LITTLE OL’ BAND FROM TEXAS

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