Errrr Maybe Not

Last week I got a missive from Mr. Free Market which was headed:

My Last .22 

“Just bought this Anshutz: it’s sorta the last 22 that I will probably buy or at least own.”

And a pretty thing it is too (yes, he’s a left-hooker):

Mr. FM being the deadly shot that he is, all I can hear is the sound of disintegrating rabbits in the fields of his estate.

However, that’s not the purpose of this post.  About three days later, I got this plaintive wail from him:

I know that none of my regular Readers have ever had such a thing happen to them, of course.  <eyecross>

However, as I pointed out to him in commiserating with his plight, I once went to pick up a Swedish Mauser at one gun store, then stopped at another store to get some 6.5x55mm ammo (back in the days when gun stores actually carried ammo)…

…and walked out of Store #2 with not only 200 rounds of 6.5mm Swede, but a minty Inland M1 Carbine as well.

Like me, Mr. FM is pruning back (“consolidating, dear heart”) his gun collection (the above impulse buy notwithstanding), and I think about half a dozen or so shotguns will be going onto the block in the next couple of months.

Which brings me, sorta, to the point of this post.

Regular Readers will know that I’m trying to settle on a couple-three “last rifles” myself, and a 20ga side-by-side to “round off” the total number of boomsticks.  As I despair of ever finding that clean 1970s Colt Python for $600, I think I’m pretty well set for handguns.

Doc and Combat Controller talked me out of getting replacements for my two Marlin varmint .22 rifles (880SQ and 882 HB) with the simple comment that if they’re already “one-hole” rifles with the adequate-but-actually-kinda-lousy triggers, dropping a new trigger group into each is all that’s needed.  And cheaper.

Makes sense, which means I’m not going to be in the market for those CZ 457 rifles anytime soon, or ever.  Although…


As Doc and CC pointed out, that money saved would be better spent on paying off a credit card (don’t be stupid, these are my friends we’re talking about) buying that CZ Bobwhite:

…which makes all sorts of sense to me.

Last question:  are any of my north Texas Readers familiar with putting an aftermarket trigger group into a Marlin?


  1. > I think about half a dozen or so shotguns will be going onto the block in the next couple of months.

    This is the modern definition of a shotgun wedding. A six shotgun affair is going to be an expensive wedding.

    1. As a Marylander I can not possess either of the magazines, the hi cap nor the drum. The suppressors are NFA items, and IIRC once a receiver is designated for either a rifle or pistol you cannot use it as the other. I remember this from the issues with the Thompson Contender.
      And they say that the Brits have tough gun control laws.

  2. Um, just curious but –
    1) WHAT is that ( are those ) that Mr. FM picked up for 330 pounds ?
    2) It that really one or two suppressors I see ?
    3) does he live in England and if so – based on what I’ve read &/or heard –
    HOW was he able to just purchase such a death-dealing, autonomous,
    evil device from hell ??
    Again, just curious !

    1. It’s a .22LR version of some kind of “assault” pistol/rifle (HK MP-5?), along with a separate butt stock (to turn it into a rifle, methinks), two different fore-ends, a suppressor (a.k.a. moderator), a spare pistol grip and (100-round?) drum and stick mags.
      He’s since popped a little red-dot scope on it, just for giggles.

  3. Marlin triggers are fairly simple. Couple of screws and the bottom plate with trigger guard drops out and you put the new one in. Or at least the ones I did where like that

  4. Kim: …not to tease or anything, but I still have that 1978 4″ Python and 1978 Model 70 Super Grade .458 with your name on them. 😉
    The Python is a “Safe Queen” with me or bedside friend with you!

  5. I understand the need to get the ideal armory. My first 22 rifle was a stainless 10/22 in the early 80’s. In the late 80’s I inherited my grandfather’s Ted Williams (Winchester) magazine fed bolt action 22LR. The barrel was pitted internally but otherwise everything else was in great shape. I had the barrel re-sleeved and it is a tack driver now. I am set on 22rifles.

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