And Speaking Of South Africa

…we have this little situation developing in Mandelaland:

Looting broke out in several cities in South Africa this weekend after the country’s former president, Jacob Zuma, began serving a 15-month sentence last Thursday for contempt in relation to an investigation of corruption during his tenure.

I should note that Zuma — corruptus maximus  on a continent renowned for its systemic corruption — was convicted of perjury, rather than his extensive and bald-faced plundering of South Africa’s already-straitened treasury.

So why are the Usual Suspects copying their BLM counterparts in the U.S.?

Well, it’s all happening in Kwa-Zulu/Natal, because Zuma is a Zulu, you see, and so why not riot and loot all over his homeland?

Needless to say, just as Baltimore was set on fire after some strung-out Black asshole was killed by cops in Minneapolis, so Natal’s little exercise in ad hoc  property redistribution is spreading outwards, and the boys in Johannesburg aren’t going to be left out of the fun, no sirree.

The background to all of this is actually a combination of two factors:  the grinding poverty that persists in South Africa, and the fact that the hapless and incompetent government has not been able to get even close to vaccinating its people against the Wuhan Menace.  The plague that has ensued has resulted in knee-jerk lockdowns, preventable deaths by the hundreds of thousands, and a deepening of the already-critical economic slump.

The second article on the topic is priceless, and contains this gem:

Perhaps most alarming are reports of ordinary people “forming armed groups to protect businesses, homes in KwaZulu-Natal”, and videos on social media which purport to show armed, ad hoc citizens’ militias and private security out on the streets.

Alarming?  This is Africa, old son.  That’s what you get when you have this situation:

A mosque has also been set on fire in Mayville Durban.
“They were not fighting, they were running for their lives. They were innocent people. We don’t know how they died,” Ismaeel said, alleging that there are “no police” — and indeed that “Police are themselves are targets. You call police they can’t come.”
This squares with reports from Pietermaritzburg, where at least two malls have been looted and one raised [sic] by fire, with the BBC saying that riot police who attempted to disperse looters with rubber bullets were met with live ammunition in return.
Police also came under fire on a freeway near a mall in Durban, where many malls, stores, and at least one factory have been looted, with one officer being hit in the leg.

For some reason, I feel an urge to go to the range


  1. Yep. “Alarming,” that’s what it is. It baffled me during last year’s drama that decent folk didn’t follow the example set by the Korean property owners during the Rodney King festivities. By “baffled” I mean “unsurprised” as the year wore on. Don’t Tread On Me has morphed into Grab Your Ankles And Open Wide in the here and now.

    1. Look where it happened. North St. Louis, Minneapolis, Baltimore, NYFC… not exactly your hotbed of armed Koreans, any of them.

    2. You have to also understand that those Koreans were considered valuable members of the community, and that L.A. County still had an honest District Attorney – a condition that no longer exists.

  2. In my opinion, there are many things at play here, as to why these riots keep happening, and why no one tends to do much about them.

    1. The riots are generally “sponsored” by someone high up. BLM (Black Lives Matter) is a political movement. If someone who is NOT black so much as looks at a black person the wrong way, they are chastised. You be racist! The Democrats, RINO’s, and many in the middle fall for this horse shit that blacks are oppressed. So the BLM and many other virtue signaling whites go out in the streets and demand justice by breaking the law, causing problems and actlng like assholes. BLM is Burglary Larceny and Mayhem. You keep hearing about when Conservatives march. They are portreyed as evil, even when peaceful. BLM “Marches” aka riots and they are considered saints.

    2. In addition to above, where BLM (Black Long Mamba) being portreyed as saints fighting for their rights against the evil and oppressive white man, the working people (who are white, black, hispanic, LEGAL immigrants and MANY more) are sick of hearing and dealing with this bullshit. HOWEVER, if ANYONE stands up against the THUGS that are BLM (like the couple in Missouri), they are arrested, prosecuted, doxxed, and their lives made a living hell.

    The only way to stop all of this shit, is MANY people must stand up and say enough. When only a few people stand up, well, you get what you have now.

    And I have to call out many fellow libertarians and conservatives. The libertarians and conservatives argue and fight with each other, over many times minute points or semantics. The liberals (I will give them credit for this) stand by each other no matter what. Got a president with Dementia? NO PROBLEM! Got a 29 year old bartender who doesn’t know shit about shit but talks about that cool socialism and free shit like AOC? NO PROBLEM. WE GOT YOUR BACKS.

    This bullshit is going to keep spreading. And sadly, today, 2021, I doubt we will ever see the types of people like the asians who protected their property during the LA riots. Today’s people just sit back and take it right in the fart trumpet.

  3. When it becomes stylish to open season on the 3/5 let me know and I’ll be sure to attend the party. Until then I stay here in my bolt hole. Let em kill each other.

    BTW, are they killing each other faster than they are procreating?
    If so, someone should make a timeline that shows the time in the future when the last 3/5 kills the next to last 3/5.

  4. I’m surprised more weren’t dropping on that street scene.

    Personally, I’d be aiming carefully, probably in a kneeling position.

  5. phucking journalists. Pretty sure it’s “razed” by fire, not raised by fire (which doesn’t even make sense)

    1. It is.
      Isn’t spell check wonderful !
      Between spellcheck, voice activated text creation and grammarly ( another
      hand holding piece of software ) eventually, you too can be a ‘journalist’ even if
      you can’t spell, construct a sentence or have an original thought !

  6. I think you spelled “journalist” incorrectly. The correct spelling might be

    “Spin Doctor” or “Bullshit Artist”.

    I’m going to Google, Siri, and Microsoft Bing check this again to be sure…

  7. My family gapped it to South Africa from Mozambique in the 70’s. I was only 5. I grew up in Jo’burg. We escaped to the US in the 1980’s because my mother saw the writing on the wall. South Africa is taking longer than usual but it will eventually become another post colonial shit hole just like some many others. It just needs more time.

  8. ”some strung-out Black asshole was killed by cops in Minneapolis…”

    Don’t buy into the fake narrative. Cops did not kill Floyd – he OD’d on Fentanyl.

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