News Roundup

News that’s so stomach-churning, it requires little comment, e.g. England losing to Italy in the European Cup Final by penalty shoot-off:

oooh, who said Brexit wasn’t going to hurt?

but as government so often tells us under such circumstances:  “If you have nothing to hide, you should have nothing to worry about.”

And showing us how to do it:

if only Hungarian wasn’t such a difficult language to learn.

“GAY GROUP: ‘WE’LL CONVERT YOUR CHILDREN.’” As sung by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. (via Insty)
at least one of those terms is redundant.

I don’t know who will benefit most from this reversal but given the source, I’m willing to bet it’s Chinese nationals.

Now let’s get to the kind of news that interests everybody.

someone that delusional just has to be a lifelong Democrat voter.

which is probably the same percentage of women who have an orgasm during sex. If that.

But to raise the average, we have instances like this:

welcome to my world, age 15.

And lest we think it’s all orgasms and sweetness and light, there’s this:

wait till you read the details.  Yowzer.

But now it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:


Finally, the usual smut:  last time we saw the Butt Squad, they were being arrested in Dubai:

Apparently, that wasn’t enough for them, because they’ve done it againAnd they support the England football team:

I think they’re quite charming.


  1. Where were those hot older teachers when I was in school? That teacher is actually attractive. Most of the teachers I had growing up were crazy feminazi bitches who were Fugly! Nuts and disgusting is a horrible combo. The lady in the news story was definitely someone you would want to teach you sex education as a young man if ya know what I mean.

    The butt squad is making a world tour eh? When are they CUMing to a city near us?

  2. IMHO, penalty shootouts have no place in any kind of playoff/championship games – UEFA, World Cup, league championships, whatever.

    NHL Hockey does it far better than soccer regarding OT in playoff games. Sudden death, with full length periods, until somebody scores. I’ve actually seen NHL playoff games where the OT was longer than the regulation game. And you’re on the edge of your seat the entire time.

    Of course, soccer in (in)famous for its nil-nil final scores. NHL playoff style OT could result in games that last so long the children of the original players take the field. Make the Test series in Cricket look short by comparison.

    1. Lemme tell you, I tried to learn just a little of it for a novel I was writing about Budapest… frickin’ impossible.

      1. Go to Budapest and find a restaurant that serves Hungarian food and wine. Eat and drink it, and lots of it.

        The language will come to you, by osmosis, or something.

        I suspect you’ve already tried that and it didn’t work, but what possible harm can come from trying it again?

        You can always go to the museum with the life size Stalin statue and flick boogers at it, like the locals do.

  3. In the “Boiled Alive” article, the author goes back and forth between the sugar water solution being “viscous” (thick, gooey) and “vicious” (brutal, savage).
    English is hard.

    1. It was both. The attack was vicious and to be effective, the boiling liquid had to be viscous.

    2. It was both viscous – and – vicious.

      I read the whole story and I am going to go out on a limb here because I know the propensity of people on conservative/gun blogs to “hang em high” at the mere accusation of child sex abuse.

      She deserved to go to jail.

      Indeed, if it were up to me, she would get the very same treatment she gave her *80 year old* spouse.

      Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Just because someone says it does NOT make it so. If convicted in a court of law, he should have been punished accordingly. But until convicted, in the eyes of the law, he is as innocent as you or I. He was robbed of his right to a trial by, dare I say it, the VICIOUSNESS of his nutbag, crazy wife.

      If you disagree with me, fine. Hopefully, you will never be falsely accused by some crazy female trying to get revenge for some real or imagined slight.

      1. Maybe she should go to jail. Probably. But two boiling, sticky water over her? Nope.

        For one thing, he violated one of the most basic rules; don’t mess with the kid if the mother can get to you.

        1. ” …he violated one of the most basic rules…”

          Did he? You know this beyond a reasonable doubt? (Did you even read the story?)

          Again, you miss the point. In our society, a person accused is entitled to a fair trial. Punishment follows only after *conviction* beyond a reasonable doubt, by a jury of his peers – not just because an accuser says so.

          He may indeed have been guilty. I don’t know – and neither do you. He never got a trial and his chance at a defense.

          She, on the other hand, **by her own admission**, is a murderer of the most heinous sort. She got better than she deserved.

  4. Kim, would like your thoughts on this…..woke up this morning just a few hours ago to reports of large scale disorder in SA. Closed roads, riots, looting. Whats up ? Is this just regular stuff or something fundamentally different ? Looks nasty…

    1. That could be Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit or LA black “shopping” day. Kinda normal in majority black communities for decades now. Looks like the old adage “You can take the black out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the black” is truer than we might think.
      Instead of asking “where’s the beef”, we should be asking “where’s the burning?”

  5. Dear Jealous,
    Your mistake was to make the threesome with another woman. You should have made it with another man so when your husband became jealous, you could tell him to work his way through it to become a better person.
    — Deidre

  6. Yeah, Hungarian is difficult for most because it’s root language is Finno-Ugric. In other words, the only other people on earth who speak it or anything like it, are the Laplanders. Try to learn a few words if you go, because locals really know it’s difficult, and greatly appreciate even a small effort – it will open doors. Don’t be lazy, but they all </= 40 years speak English. They will absolutely surprise you. Kim, (or any reader) if you ever get to Budapest, please get in touch ahead of the game! Egészségedre! Oh, and NEVER say this toast to beer alone!!!

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