Reaping What Was Sown

Saw this little piece via Insty, and had to laugh:

Worlds are colliding in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Homeless encampments are popping up right outside million-dollar homes.
Michael Beckley is one of a growing number of homeowners who are taking matters into their own hands, trying to keep tents from appearing in the parkways in front of their streets. “It’s brutal, because it will effectively kill the grass. When the first tent showed up here, I fenced it off and said you f—— aren’t coming up here,” Beckley said.
Fences can now be seen roping off parkways throughout the neighborhood. The action is legal, according to the city, because homeowners are required to maintain and care for the parkways adjacent to their homes. Many homeowners are convinced the homeless encampments will lead to a spike in neighborhood crime, especially thefts in the neighborhood.

I don’t know Denver at all, but I’m willing to bet that the Capitol Hill neighborhood votes solidly Democrat/Socialist at every election.  If this is true, then:

Update:  Longtime Reader Tim M grew up in Denver, and agrees with my analysis.


  1. I am very interested in the hypocrisy here… The Democrats cried, whined and protested all during the Trump administration as they claimed Trump and Walls were Racist.

    I guess the Democrats don’t wan’t bums, freeloaders and criminals at THEIR door step… These are your classic NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard).

  2. Coming to your neighborhood soon:
    1. Homeless violence, dirt, theft, disorder and ugliness.
    2. Right Wing Death Squads, vigilantes, call them what you want.
    3. The return of the Mafia, which will provide protection when the police will not.

    I’m not sure of the proper order of 2 and 3, or if they will both happen, but something like them is on the way.

    1. It’s 2 _or_ 3, depending on the neighborhood politics. Right wingers believe in gun ownership and taking care of problems themselves – “shoot, shovel, and shut up”. Democrats are used to working with the Mob and hiring out solutions to their problems.

  3. Fred –
    re 1. – you forgot ‘disease’ – these so called ‘camps’ are an ideal breeding grounds for
    sickness and spreading disease due to lack of cleanliness, sewage disposal and
    everything from toothbrushes to toilet paper being shared !

    Coffee –
    The elites have ALWAYS thought that ‘they’ would never have to deal with this problem
    because ‘they’ are special, protected, live behind gates / inside walls and their money will
    protect them. That also explains their voting ‘left’ for ‘programs’ that are costly, useless,
    sold to the public on the program’s intent and not its practicality and make the elites feel
    a bit less guilty about their station in life.
    Again, their money will ‘protect’ them and the mess created by their insane ideas will
    ALWAYS be ‘the riff-raff’s problem’ – so they think !
    The hypocrisy does not bother them at all, I doubt they even think about it.
    Most lefties I’v seen, heard, watched or experienced are totally ’embarrass proof’. You cannot shame them – it’s impossible. I submit the Clintons for starters – Ie. the 478 lb bible Bill would
    carry into church – just for openers !!

  4. I can also confirm that Capitol Hill neighborhoods are solidly blue and I have zero sympathy for them. Been living here for 11 years and Denver has gone to crap. When we first moved here, on July 4, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra would perform patriotic music and a fireworks display would happen at Civic Center Park (greenspace between the state capitol building and the Denver county building). We’d set our lawn chairs down, eat dinner, and wait for the music and fireworks. We’d take the light rail downtown so we wouldn’t have to mess around with parking/traffic and either walk or take the shuttle bus down the 16th Street Mall. The park was always well maintained and the event was safe. That was 11 years ago. Now? I opt to not celebrate the Fourth at all rather than go down there and get hassled by the homeless (who are growing more violent seemingly with each passing day). The bluer the city of Denver gets, the more of a third world shit hole it becomes.

    What has been amusing in the last few weeks is how frantically the state has been underreporting a rise in COVID numbers, that in months past would have been shouted from the rooftops and resulted in increased restrictions. Meanwhile the city of Denver is desperately relocating the homeless downtown. All so they can make a good show of the MLB All-Star game.

  5. Some folks learn the dangers and consequences when told to not touch the hot stove while others, (un)fortunately, must grab hold of the glowing red stove burner and must incur pain and experience suffering to learn the same information. I find that leftists, statists and such fall into the latter group. Unfortunately, they force others to experience hardships because statists and such simple do not learn by any other method. People if that neighborhood in Denver are certainly falling into the latter group.


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