Amazing Doesn’t Even Cover It

i know I said there would be no math, but you have to look at these.  Sue Radford:

  • is 46 years old
  • has been married for 28 years (to the same man)
  • has 22 (twenty-two) kids
  • looks like this:

Now to be honest, she hasn’t looked like this for (probably) 27 years — because she’s been pretty much pregnant most of that time (maybe with a couple months off for good behavior, here and there).  Here’s the family’s chronological listing:

Chris 32, Sophie 27, Chloe 25, Jack 24, Daniel 22, Luke 20, Millie 19, Katie 18, James 17, Ellie 16, Aimee 15, Josh 13, Max 12, Tillie 11, Oscar 9, Casper 8, Hallie 6, Phoebe 4, Archie 3, Bonnie 2, and Heidie, 1.

And apparently they have taken not one penny of government support, ever.  As the title of this post suggests…

Read all about it.

Afterthought:  I know what you’re thinking.  Don’t go there.  If her hubby is satisfied, then that’s all we need to know.


  1. “If her hubby is satisfied, then that’s all we need to know.”

    What’s that old joke?

    A man and wife have a dozen kids. The first 11 are all big, broad shouldered, barrel chested, and red-headed. The last is slight, sickly, and dark haired. The husband, loving his wife, never says a word and treats all the kids equally. Years later, the wife catches ill and is on her death bed.

    The husband approaches and in a whisper says “Dear, all these years I’ve never said a word. But that last child, he just doesn’t look like the others. I have to ask why?”

    The wife musters the last of her strength, looks at him, and says “Honey, you should know the truth. THAT one is yours.”

    1. Actually, it is. They met very young and I believe she had her first either at or just before 16

      1. Check your arithmetic. If she’s 46 now, she was 14 when he was born. At least they didn’t have another one before they married 4 years later.

  2. The woman is a machine. She’s from Lancashire.
    I read the news today—oh, boy.

  3. My guess is that they are best friends, and love kids. More power to them.

    I’ve been married to my Lady for 36 years. No kids (lots of health problems, plus a failed startup tech company) (She’s the programmer, BTW). Best friends. Neither of us lookers, objectively, but I think she looks fine and she says I’m handsome, so we’re at least BOTH delusional in a good way.

    I have what I call Early Onset Geezerhood; realized it while working in a mall in my 30’s. I was watching the teenyboppers ripple past in their whorewear, and realized I was thinking, “Yeah, they’re sexy, but they’d want to talk afterwards, and they have nothing between their ears but meringue.”

  4. ” I know what you’re thinking. Don’t go there. If her hubby is satisfied, then that’s all we need to know.”

    Yet the moment someone suggests he had a one night stand with someone he met at a bar while on a long business trip we’re all supposed to be outraged at his infidelity…

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