Not Aintree

We are all familiar with Train Smash Women Central (i.e. Liverpool’s racetrack for the Grand National — just search this site for “Aintree”), so it comes with some relief (mixed with regret) that Royal Ascot seems to have been wonderfully devoid of such creatures this year.  Some examples:


Here’s the always-lovely Charlotte Hawkins:

…although of course, while exquisitely dressed, she had That Thing on her head — and there were likewise more than a few examples of regrettable millinery:



Which leads me to the rather cruel conclusion that the only upside to the Covid face-diaper is that it spares us from the sight of British Teeth.

Oh, and while looking admittedly dapper, comedian / musician Bill Bailey still holds the title of “He Who Is More In Need Of A Haircut Than Any White Man In The Entire World”.

Go there and see for yourself.


  1. The ensembles, at least as presented here, are attractive and, to some degree, a very, very tiny bit outlandish, as in “not everyday.” Seems reasonable, it’s a chance to show off a little and wear something a bit frivolous and not usually worn.

    But…..what’s with the hats? Is there some “goofiest hat contest” conducted at British racetracks that I haven’t heard about?

  2. English women and their hats…making American black ladies and their Sunday Go to Meeting Hats look sane and decorous since, well, forever.

  3. Apparently the mad hatter has escaped from his cell in the tower.
    Quick, notify HRH, maybe she can yet be protected from such excess.
    Royal Ascot is an item on my bucket list, doubt it will get crossed off but I have done Beaulieu Motor Museum show 3 times, so there. Sadly will not be able to make it this year, going to be a good one too!

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