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Over the weekend, I was watching Jay Leno drive Joe Rogan’s resto-modded ’67 Corvette Stingray, and Jay made the comment that this model (’63-’67) was his favorite Corvette body style.

Look, it’s lovely:

I have no issue with the car (and for the purposes of this discussion, I’m not interested in the engine or the performance of the different models).  It’s one of the great classic shapes.

But (and you knew this was coming), for my taste it’s not sexy enough — and unlike my usual preference for an older design, I actually prefer the shape of the post-67 Corvette:

As with the 246 Dino, this model looks like a woman lying on her side:  shoulders over the front wheel, slim waist in the middle, and voluptuous hip in the back.  Here’s a profile of each (67 and 70 respectively):

I like both, but I prefer the ’70 shape.

As always with discussions of this nature, there’s no right or wrong — it’s all about taste.  However, I do prefer both the above to the modern (2021 C8) Corvette:

…which looks like any other modern sports / supercar shape.

And none of the above holds a candle to this:


  1. I too like the 60’s and 70’s versions over all others and if I had to narrow it to one it would be, you guessed it, the 63′ split window in gray over black. I saw, and sat in one, up close and personal when it was new and I was 8 and it shaped me permanently. The only time I ever drove a vette was a 72′ in 72′ when the owner brought it to the Shell gas station I was working at for an oil change. 72 was my graduation year and I was 17 and drove a 66′ Mustang convertible 289 hi-po, metallic dark green, black top and interior. WoW!

  2. There’s a guy in my area who has a brand-new C8 ‘Vette. Personally, I think it looks like something a moderately-artistically-talented ten-year-old boy drew on the page cover of his note-book. Plus, in Northeastern PA, he can’t get it out of his garage five months a year, and for another four months the roads will beat it up while the road crews repair the damage from the winter. Remember our four seasons: trout, road-work, deer and snowmobile.

  3. In heaven I’ll drive a 67 Vette convertible with a 327 4V and a 5-speed gearbox that shifts like my Miata. And Madeleine Stowe. 😉

  4. I like the styling of the older Corvettes better. The 70s models are curvaceous, but I like the older ones better. The neighbors across the street had a couple of 70s era corvettes that just stayed parked in their driveway.


  5. We had the annual (except for last year plague time) Corvette show in our town last month when they block off about a mile of Main Street and with the Plaza, 400 cars are on display for the day. Over 300 of them were Vettes’ this year and I enjoy them all, the late 50’s early 60’s are my favorites since that was my high school prime time and one of the spoiled girls in my class had her own white 59 Corvette our Senior Year, 1963.

    ‘Those were the days my friend those were the days’ and I could never even start to keep up with her in my little blue 58′ Bug Eye Sprite which toped out at 85 going downhill with the wind at my back.

  6. Yes, but I could drive my Bug-Eye Flat out anywhere I went. Nobody complained because I was just barely keeping up with the other traffic.

    I’m partial to the 67 body style, primarily because the President of my College Car Club drove a highly Modified version with side pipes ( and Bypasses ) – Black over Black. You may have heard of his later exploits. — His name was John Paul ( Sr.)

    … and I agree that the all time design winner* is the XKE. ………..As long as you didn’t have to actually drive it somewhere and expect to be able to return. …….. and * Barring unobtainable cars like the Muria or a 275 LM .

  7. Two incomparably perfect designs: the XK E Type and the Supermarine Spitfire MkIX.
    Form follows function for perfection.

  8. +1 on the 70s style, assuming no 50s cars available due to price.

    And yes, I’d take a S1 etype roadster or coupe over any vette, any day.

  9. I think I would like one of the 55 model year. the 69-72 models would be second. but a new one could be a daily driver as I would not have heart failure if it got a scratch.

    But that is just me.

  10. The C-3 is my favorite followed by the C-2 Convertible. I have a split-tail Stingray in silver mist. Low HP 350, Rock Crusher 4-speed, 4:10 posi, A/C, Power Steering, AM/FM radio with deluxe convertible interior.

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