1. Is there a Bookie in Britishland giving odds that she makes it to 25?

    More money than she can possibly spend, even with a special K habit, From not one but 2 Famous Families. Father who is a “GURU” ( tradeing on the family name, and likely just as nuts) , Boarding schools since first grade. Completely dysfunctional home life.

    Dresses to show off those great Tits.

    Sounds like a fatal combination.

  2. Great tits? Pair of floppy jallopies more like. That’s before she’s run off with one of our colonial friends and dropped a couple of brats. Jeez – she will need a re-bore by the age of 25. If she makes it that is.

    1. TB,
      The term you’re looking for is “re-sleeve”, which is what you have to do when the barrel’s proper bore has been shot out.

      And you say “floppy jalopies” like that’s a Bad Thing…

  3. What a sorry-assed, smelly-looking, festering, suppurating piece of over-inflated white-trash.

  4. So, what’s “rock bottom” when you’re a pampered offspring of Rupert Murdock? Down to your last couple hundred million Pounds? Folks stop dropping to kiss your fat ass when you pass by? She’s pretty hefty for being bulimic, Don’t you think?

    I can’t help but wonder how many of the other grandchildren turned out to be equally productive members of high (pun intended) society.

  5. Fortunately poor kids in Honduras never have to worry about such things.

    We used to say “That looks like 10miles of bad road”

  6. Not sure what the hoo-rah is about. Sure, Audrey Hepburn she ain’t, and (like most 20-somethings) she has NO taste. But most of what’s wrong can be taken care of with a washcloth and a wardrobe change. The lip piercing will vanish if she takes the ring out. She doesn’t look better than the average urban nitwit, but she doesn’t look all that worse either. You can see LOTS worse at any Protest-of-the-month-club meeting in New York.

    My guess is, she’s pissed at the world, and with her family I would be, too.

    Hell, plenty of A-list starlets wear worse looking clothes on the red carpet at the Oscars … and seem proud of them!

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