Quote Of The Day

From Ace:

“There is no end to the wokification of hobbies. Cooking, knitting, Magic the Gathering, comic books, RPGs; movies and sports — the Nazi infiltrators take over each and every hobby and group to make sure you are never free of constant pro-Nazi propaganda messaging.”

Curiously, our shooting hobby seems to be more or less immune to this bullshit.

Although I expect that any day now, the NRA will issue a statement that they’ll be adding board members from the ranks of the Brady Foundation and Violence Policy Institute in the interests of “fairness” and because “all points of view are important”.

You heard it here first.


    1. The one I have to send money to every year to keep my shooting club membership active.

      Which I keep forgetting to do.

  1. That will be when they add the ethnicity to the writeup of each candidate to the board in the annual election edition of the American Rifleman. Either that or feature a mug shot for each entry.

  2. If the NRA gets woke they will have a mass exodus but I wouldn’t put anything past LaPierre.


  3. I read Ace’s original post a few days ago, now your repost with great interest.

    I’ve been thinking about it in light of what my father, a “Nazi”, told me about Nazis and Nazism. His idea was that real Nazis were rare, that Nazism was a fad, a fashion, a meme or maybe a mental worm like a musical ear-worm.

    Dad had the worm real bad from when he was infected in the Hitler youth at age 12 until he got cured of the worm by getting the shit shot out of his Reichsmarine ship by the Royal Navy and subsequent imprisonment in Canada. To the surprise of his Nazified brain the Brits didn’t kill him and Canucks fed him better than he’d ever eaten.

    He then conceived a hatred for all such mental worms and included socialism in all of its variants from Liberalism through Stalinist POL Pot ideas.

    The people ruining hobbies are not infiltrators, they are ordinary fools who suddenly saw woke-ism as cool, fashionable, what all the “right” people were doing, a way to effortlessly achieve status and power. Their brains got a virus.

    Where is the Royal Navy when you really need them to shoot the shit out something?

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