News Roundup

With news so dire, you’re going to wanna enroll in the Rifle, Hipflask & Church Steeple Club©.

well, duh, O Commie Dwarf:  more “workers’ rights” = “less money to fund space exploration”.

these ads are created by city trendies who have no teenage girls.

name just ONE.

and when you read the criteria for membership, you’ll be thankful that you don’t qualify.

it will stop when you stop worrying and start ignoring.

oh man, would I love to introduce this snowflake to some real Gestapo agents, or a couple apartheid-era South African cops of my acquaintance.

the word you are looking for is “betrayed”, not “outed”.  Punishable by:

and if I called for a volunteer to push this asshole out of the chopper, I’d be killed in the stampede.

you have to ask yourself who would be surprised by this news item.

from the Department of the Blindingly Obvious.

and the very next day after that happens, someone’s going to shoot you in the face.  Enjoy the revolution.

and she looks pretty much as you suspect she would.  Ordinarily I would tell her boyfriend to find another woman, but from the looks of him, she’s probably as good as he’ll ever get. — Dr. Kim

And now, to cheer you all up after all the bad news:

One for my Readers Over There:

Let’s hear it for the Ozzies:

For my Canucki-Readers:

Finally, for the Seffricans:

Requests from other nations’ Readers will be taken under consideration.


  1. Hey Kim,
    Good morning … you didn’t put up Bar Rafael in an Israeli Flag swimsuit? What the hell? (/shakes head in utter disbelief). Gal Gadot would be a fine substitute as well ..

      1. For the record, I divorced Satan about 4 yrs ago and shack-up with a shiksa. Life. Is. Good.

    1. Brad
      I tried looking and searching for the photos you requested but I’m not finding them. The search and review is slow and exhaustive but I’m working diligently on this “taxing” assignment.

      Will keep you posted on progress


      1. Heh. Reminds me of the Monty Python line: “I would tax Raquel Welch. I’ve a feeling she’d tax me.”

  2. As is the tradition with Naval Ships of the Line, when passing. I have come to Full Attention and am Rendering Salutes, for each.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  3. I wouldn’t be dating the crazy Eeyore lady, but just saying if I was, I’d bring over my little doggy from whom no fuzzy slipper, or underwear is safe. There would be Eeyore heads everywhere and a savage little maniac dog sitting in the middle trying to look innocent.

  4. Says that EEyore couple are 26 and 27 ! They look more like 14 and 15 ! H’e has to be shaving at least twice a year !

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