1. Canadian bikini models await this climate change/global warming thing people keep talking about.

  2. Never was the need for literacy more underlined than when, courtesy of GoogleMaps, Stephanie’s beach party ended up in Mammoth instead of Malibu.

  3. The girls gather for the annual Mother’s Day Swim in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

    (Seriously, we had snow on Mother’s Day weekend last year).

    1. Forgive me, and I know I’m getting old, but those don’t look like any mothers I know.

  4. Late twenties to early thirties so they could be moms

    So boots really do keep you warm.

    Good bunch

  5. Nipple erection contest. Winner gets a week in bed with pneumonia, the new Greek lesbian in town.

  6. Founding Fathers (seen here wearing their ceremonial White Scarves) of the Knee-High Uggs Brigade pose for a calendar shoot celebrating National Cross-Dressers Day!


    Sporting their ceremonial White Scarves, the alleged ‘Founding Fathers’ of the Knee-High Uggs Brigade “share a moment’ with a curious passer-by!


    According to unsubstantiated rumors, their ceremonial White Scarves allegedly conceal a hidious series of hickies acquired during moments of ‘questionable’ discretion!


    On an impromptu ‘stroll’, a few members of the Knee-High Uggs Brigade form a formidable scrum for attentive paparazzi!


    Formerly of the Knee-High Uggs Brigade, these ‘break-aways’ are rumored to be creating a brand-spanking new club… something along the lines of ‘Tiny Hiney’ or ‘Tuchus To Behold’, they haven’t quite decided yet!


    Finally filing their corporate documentation, these proud members — hitherto beknownst as the Founding Fathers — issueforth a formal invitation to potential devotees of National Cross-Dressers Week by donning their trade-mark ‘White Scarves’!


    With only moments to spare before their next ‘meeting’ with certain ‘amenable’ heads of state, the Founding Fathers of National Cross-Dressing Day celebrate with a scrum worthy of the highest praise!

  7. Prepping for this year’s Triathlon Scrum at world-renowned Stephanie’s Beach, Team Founding Fathers use this opportunity to ‘assert’ their ‘unity’ to devastate the few remaining hopes of their unworthy opponents!


    With this year’s Stephanie’s Beach Triathlon set for National Cross-Dressers Appreciation Day, Team Founding Fathers scrums onwards towards certain victorys!


    On the preeminent boat-launch ramp at world-renowned Stephanie’s Beach, a few staunch supporters of the April celebration of the monthly National Cross-Dressers Appreciation Day slog through ‘sole-deep’ sand to bring ‘awareness’ to the ‘plight’ of those many unfortunate millions of Ugg-deprived fellows!


    Playfully scrumming through a ‘light dusting’ during a recent sand-storm, Team Founding Fathers poses for a ceremonial snap during this year’s admittedly-antagonistic yet highly-competitive Chinese Checkers Invitational at world-renowned Stephanie’s Beach!

  8. The lack of events such as this is one of the few downsides to living in Texas.

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